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Question: Did you make it okay?
Answer: Calgary, you should be used to being in crisis mode for winter storms. Start taking public transit and allow me to get a cab for five minutes! I needed to pick up a monster from school. I made it alright, ten minutes late. Oops.


Question: What time is your bus?
Answer: About an hour from the time you started freaking out thinking I was late. Oh mother, ye have little faith. Yes I answered two questions in one day, but I'm backed up. I need to continue to answer with all my heart!

Anyways, straight to the topic. I have to type as fast as I can. I work tomorrow at seven in the morning and I can't be late. Or up too late. Anyways. Lately I've been thinking of summer time. Summer time is my favourite time of year. Sunburns, mosquito bites and the endless days of wishing the heat wave would just end. Who doesn't love those? If you don't, you're probably a communist and worship Satan. Just kidding. But seriously, I do love that stuff. Why? I mean who can love itchness, pain and uncomfortability? Its all the stuff that comes with it is why I love it so much.

To get that perfect mosquito bite, you need to go camping. To get to that perfect uncomfortability, you have to sit outside at the park or in your back yard at the very least when its thirty something in the shade. And to get that perfect pain of the sun burning your poor, pale, vitamin D lacking skin, you need to wear next to nothing and enjoy it every second. Does it sound better to you? Because it sure does to me. Now I say this with full experience. Like I said, we'll say roughly seventy five percent of my childhood was spent indoors, being a hermit, playing by myself because I lacked social skill and interaction. What about that twenty five percent? Easy. That was spent with my brother and his friends, playing at the park [baseball, tag, whatever we could think of to do.] or sitting in our basement with the door wide open chilling out [literally] or riding bikes through the town and I bet you know where I'm going with this. I actually got out during the summer basically. And to be quite frank, I miss it. I really do. But how is it that a person who loves summer so much like me miss it? Well I miss it year round but these past few years of my life since I've moved, I haven't gotten out much.

During my first summer here when I first moved, I aquired a girlfriend and that got me out of the house somewhat. I mean it was only to go to her place where we would sit inside all day, but I got a little bit of sun. And then she broke up with me, so while she was my only friend, that break up created a huge thing of tension between us which meant I stayed inside almost all day until my parents forced me to get a job if I wasn't going to get out. Bummer. Through out that entire year I tried my hardest to gain some companionship and in the end, I did. But during the summer, it didn't really work that way it seemed. Two of my new friends went to summer camp, one of them went hunting like all summer, and I only saw my one friend once or twice through out the summer. [I do have another friend in that group, but quite frankly we don't hang out much without the others.] So that forced me to go back to my hometown for about a month in the summer. It got me out. You'd think that be enough right? Wrong.

You see, during this time, I had aquired another girlfriend and before I went back to my hometown, we had been out and about because there was sun. But then she ended up going to somewhere in Saskatchewan so we ended up apart for an entire month which meant I was still kind of bummed. And when I ended up in my hometown, the unthinkable happened. [Just kidding.] Everyone left. Not literally. But many had gone on vacation which meant I was basically alone for the entire summer. That didn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. I did get out in the fifty above weather [Yikes!], tour around my old town in nostalgic delight, hung out with the bare minimum of friends I had and all in all it was a good summer. And then sometime before last summer, I had met the girl I am dating now. The only problem with that was we weren't too knowledgeable of each other, even after we started dating. So going out wasn't much of an option for us. Sure we got out every now and again, but it wasn't excessive which was kind of depressing. But hey, I couldn't complain. And then just this summer, I was pysched to go out and enjoy myself, but the weather was dreadful. Snow, rain, sleet all summer long. I did get out those days that weren't cold and depressing, but it wasn't enough to call it a good summer.

So this year? This year, unless the weather pattern continues to be cold and colder, I plan on getting out more often. I've been thinking about this for awhile and I had to ask myself why. Its simple [again]. The monster I had to pick up from school the other day, he isn't the type to go outside and play really. I mean, he has his moments, but to him it seems life is a videogame. Its all he thinks about. Its all he ever wants to do. During the cold days when theres nothing but soaps on, I'm all for that. But even when hes grounded or something that leads to him not being able to play a video game, he just sits there mindless. He doesn't play with his toys. He doesn't go outside and play a little one on one hockey with his foster dad. Hes just not imaginative or creative or active enough and its been really starting to get to me recently. I mean, at his age, I played with my action figures all day long [note like the one above in this post.] In my bed room, living room, bath tub. I was all about toys. Video games were a privellage and I knew that, but creativity and imagination, thats a God given right! And this kid isn't utilizing it. In a way, its kind of good because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have even given my life a small reflection. But on the other hand, my child hood is almost over and this kid has another decade in front of him. So I told his parents to take away all video games and consoles for the summer and make sure he gets his mind to use its talent or go outside and play. Just like I plan on doing to myself this year and for the rest of my life.

Now don't take this all to heart. I am a legal adult and can make decisions on my own. Which means, cutting myself off completely won't be happening. There are days I will want to play my playstation or muck around with my nintendo, but past that, the most electronic use I will want out of my life [for summer atleast] is minimal television [I have to keep up with my wrestling!], maybe a hand held console like my playstation portable, my iPod, cell phone and stereo. I plan on going camping and bike riding and taking my dogs out more often during the summer. And I just plan on doing more with my life, whether its go downtown, sit in a Tim Hortons for two hours and doing absoultely nothing, as long as I get my fresh air while I'm on my way to do it. It sounds weird, and with my attention span lately, damn near impossible but I will try my best. Wish me luck! This is almost like a New Years Resolution, but more of the summer time. I hate winter.

--Too Much Though

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