Monday, February 21, 2011


5 Things That I Like;


Question: Is Rob in today?
Answer: How should I know? I don't write the schedule.

So I got tagged again. I guess if I continued to get tagged, I'll continue to do five things I like. But I won't cheat, I'll do different things don't worry.

That 70's Show was hilarious. Not only that, I don't think I ever missed an episode and its one of those shows that knew when to end. Unlike something like the Simpsons [even though I love that show aswell], people didn't go "No way, it can't end!". People knew the story needed to end somewhere and they did it at almost the perfect time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice cream. Need I say more? The most delicious ice cream sold from the ice cream truck ever and one I hope to find, or hope they bring back. The flavour was unforgettable and the best part was the bubble gum eyes. I'm probably going to blog about this later. Nuff' said.

Michael Cera I have to say, is the shit. I mean come on, even if he plays the awkward teen in every movie hes ever been in, he plays it magestically. I remember when Jesse Eisenberg started coming up and around. It was like he was trying to steal the lime-light away from this bad-ass right here. But in all seriousness, I've been told due to my personality, its a shock that I like him. But I do.

This one is more about wrestling then it is The Rock, although I do love the Rock. I've always been a little shy about admitting to liking wrestling because I don't know a lot of people that do like wrestling. But now I don't really care because I have met quite a few people who actually do. Plus my girlfriend's dad watches it and he kind of rekindled my love for the sport.

I guess its obvious because I have a blog but I love writting. There are people who have blogs who just love baking or crafting. I on the other hand just love writing. Short, long, rant, memories. I love doing it all and I love not caring what people think of it. I hated writing in school but loved it at the same time[depending on the teacher.] because it was judged. I hated Social Studies for it mainly because they were way too critical. I just want to be heard, not judged. I guess blogging is the best way to get that done. Plus I can swear and stuff without getting marked off which is pretty awesome too.

Here I guess I would tag people but I haven't tagged people in my last post. Will I? Possible. But this one will get to wait!

-- Too Much Thought

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