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Question: Are you posting tonight or tomorrow?
Answer: Tomorrow... no wait. Let's post tonight. Question brought to you by playpen-jessi. She hates asking me questions directly after midnight because she'll never look at the time and she'll just straight ask me without realizing. I know she has a question brewing in that mind of hers but we've only got twenty four questions left because we're already on day six!

But moving on. I know what people are thinking about when they see my posts below these ones and they see the picture. People are thinking right about now I'm a hater of Valentines Day and any other holiday. They're already in the process of bracing themselves because I'm about to use the sentence "consumer holiday created by the card companies so the coporate fat cats can make more money." And because I'm me, I'd assume nothing less. But you already see it coming so lets cut through the ol' crap cake here and get to chase. You're wrong. I actually like Valentines Day! Infact, I'm a hater of the haters out there now, refusing to shower their loved ones with presents and magic filled days caused by February 14th of each year. I call these people cheap. [I'll let you right now, for those who know me well enough, its almost an insult for me to call someone else cheap!] But I'll tell you why I love it.

Every year in elementary school, I would spend way more money then its worth to buy cool Valentines cards for everyone in my class. I would personalize them with stickers and names and maybe an inside or two for the kicks and hand them out, regardless if I got any back or not. And even if the cards weren't sincere, everyone handed them out with or without personalizing them. [So the pretty much means nobody was left out. That'd be harsh. [Let's take a look back at Ralph Wiggum when he gets his heart broken by his only Valentine.]

I mean come on. Ralph Wiggum's happenings was everyone's fear. They'd never get a Valentine. And if they only got one, they'd get their heart broken. [Seriously, kids my age can actually relate to his program. Kids today, can not. It still saddens me each and every post.] So bascially, the equality back in the day was something I loved, and even today having someone to actually be a Valentine is a little more sweeter.

Something I also love is those little candy hearts. Although, with my braces I might not be able to eat them this year, but I still love getting them. I don't know why people hate them so much. I can't seem to get enough of the chalky flavour. Theyre just... sugar! That's it. A new form of sugar that you can only get once a year with some cute little message on them [unless the government has gotten their hands on that too in which case, I give up.] and you just eat them. People complain because they "taste" bad or the chalk of the candy is disgusting but honestly, they were and still are the best thing. That and those little cinnamon hearts pretty much haven't changed since I was kid. [I mean, with products now a days being changed or reduced because theres too much salt or sugar or fat or something in them or the ingriedient used to make them are just waged too high that makes the product reduced and the price inflated boggles my mind.]

I don't know. I guess it being a holiday it makes it a lot more fun. That and The Simpsons made it way better than what it was. Whether it was Homer telling Bart and Lisa to stay down stairs with the sound turned way up so he could bone Marge, Maggie getting down to Sex Bomb or even the guys throwing Ned out of a moving vehicle because hes suggesting actually doing something for the women folk instead of finding a way to beat down Apu, they seemed to turn it out to be something better then what it really is and they do it well. Of course, I think Simpsons has done that to all holidays for me. Halloween with their Tree House of Horrors or their Christmas Specials and how they got Santa's Little Helper. All I know is I love Valentines Day and although its a little sad for me to be spending it on a Thursday rather than the Monday [or in about an hour if you want to get technical] I will enjoy every second of it as long as I've got my girlfriend with me.

--Too Much Thought

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