Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah, thats me. For those of you who don't have Twitter or me on Facebook wouldn't know which is not much of a rarity, but it will be for this blog. I'm not very photogenic unless I spruce myself up a bit before hand. That's me being spruced up no doubt. Also, thats my newest t-shirt of one of my newest favourite shows. For those of you who are the hermits of the world I refer to in my blogs, thats Sheldon Cooper or also known as Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jim Parsons [both being for portraying this role.] of the hit show Big Bang Theory. Of course, this entry doesn't run around just myself or the hilarity of the Big Bang Theory. Actually, its another post about my childhood [shock right?] This post is roughly about my love of old cartoons and family shows and my tolerance of the sitcoms we have now a days.

Warning: This is the first of many posts like this. I hate television today, but I do find some things that find its way to slip through the cracks and actually catch my interest.

Lets start with the things like the Big Bang Theory. Now a days, I don't watch anything on television unless it is remotely hilarious. Anything dramatic like The Young and the Hopeless I can not stand. But if you can keep the jokes flowing like Two and a Half Men or Mike and Molly, you better stay on for a few seasons because I plan on watching you on those winter holidays when I can't go out because of the minus thirty weather that is sure to come. But beyond comedy, I can't stand to watch television whats so ever. I mean, there are so many bad shows out there like Gilmore Girls or The OC or even stupid reality shows that involve children from Jersey or pregnant hookers in high school. [Well actually, lets go back a second. There are some reality shows, like on the A&E reality series like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beyond Scared Straight and Storage Wars. Check them out. Serious stuff.] Do I feel like watching that stuff when I'm sitting at home bored? Well look back at the start of this paragraph for a second and you tell me. Anything but "no", you are incorrect.

You know what I feel like watching? Not iCarly or Rollbots, thats for sure. I feel like watching Boy Meets World, 8 Simple Rules [which is on way too late! I have to work at seven in the morning, I can't stay up that late to watch it. I guess I'll get the woman to PVR it maybe.] or even Rugrats! [I seriously gotta find my Nick channel. Stupid Shaw Cable.] The only way I currently get any fix to eat at my nostalgia is when I watch the Nick channel at my girlfriend's place late at night, or watch Friends, or really old episodes of The Simpsons or even Family Guy when I get the chance! Nothing, and I do mean nothing can beat those days of waking up Saturday morning, getting a bowl of Fruit Loops, and turning on the tube to catch some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugrats, Doug, Pepper-Ann, hell I would most definitely settle for just one episode of Dexter's Laboratory or Uh-Oh! [Punisher, control!]  I really need to ask the producers and writers of new children's television cartoons, and I absolutely must write a letter to my government inquiring why, [and I mean absolute must!] they decided to fix whats not broken! I seriously hope one day they decide to get their head out of their asses, take a little time to read the play book of the greatest times of cartoon history [well, besides Betty Boop or Felix the Cat... come on!] made from the 90's era and start making something we can enjoy all over again! [Maybe a little Bonkers?] More Reptar people! More Reptar! Now, lets do what we do every night Pinky, and try to take OVER THE WORLD!

--Too Much Thought

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