Friday, February 25, 2011



Question: Did you make it okay?
Answer: Calgary, you should be used to being in crisis mode for winter storms. Start taking public transit and allow me to get a cab for five minutes! I needed to pick up a monster from school. I made it alright, ten minutes late. Oops.


Question: What time is your bus?
Answer: About an hour from the time you started freaking out thinking I was late. Oh mother, ye have little faith. Yes I answered two questions in one day, but I'm backed up. I need to continue to answer with all my heart!

Anyways, straight to the topic. I have to type as fast as I can. I work tomorrow at seven in the morning and I can't be late. Or up too late. Anyways. Lately I've been thinking of summer time. Summer time is my favourite time of year. Sunburns, mosquito bites and the endless days of wishing the heat wave would just end. Who doesn't love those? If you don't, you're probably a communist and worship Satan. Just kidding. But seriously, I do love that stuff. Why? I mean who can love itchness, pain and uncomfortability? Its all the stuff that comes with it is why I love it so much.

To get that perfect mosquito bite, you need to go camping. To get to that perfect uncomfortability, you have to sit outside at the park or in your back yard at the very least when its thirty something in the shade. And to get that perfect pain of the sun burning your poor, pale, vitamin D lacking skin, you need to wear next to nothing and enjoy it every second. Does it sound better to you? Because it sure does to me. Now I say this with full experience. Like I said, we'll say roughly seventy five percent of my childhood was spent indoors, being a hermit, playing by myself because I lacked social skill and interaction. What about that twenty five percent? Easy. That was spent with my brother and his friends, playing at the park [baseball, tag, whatever we could think of to do.] or sitting in our basement with the door wide open chilling out [literally] or riding bikes through the town and I bet you know where I'm going with this. I actually got out during the summer basically. And to be quite frank, I miss it. I really do. But how is it that a person who loves summer so much like me miss it? Well I miss it year round but these past few years of my life since I've moved, I haven't gotten out much.

During my first summer here when I first moved, I aquired a girlfriend and that got me out of the house somewhat. I mean it was only to go to her place where we would sit inside all day, but I got a little bit of sun. And then she broke up with me, so while she was my only friend, that break up created a huge thing of tension between us which meant I stayed inside almost all day until my parents forced me to get a job if I wasn't going to get out. Bummer. Through out that entire year I tried my hardest to gain some companionship and in the end, I did. But during the summer, it didn't really work that way it seemed. Two of my new friends went to summer camp, one of them went hunting like all summer, and I only saw my one friend once or twice through out the summer. [I do have another friend in that group, but quite frankly we don't hang out much without the others.] So that forced me to go back to my hometown for about a month in the summer. It got me out. You'd think that be enough right? Wrong.

You see, during this time, I had aquired another girlfriend and before I went back to my hometown, we had been out and about because there was sun. But then she ended up going to somewhere in Saskatchewan so we ended up apart for an entire month which meant I was still kind of bummed. And when I ended up in my hometown, the unthinkable happened. [Just kidding.] Everyone left. Not literally. But many had gone on vacation which meant I was basically alone for the entire summer. That didn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. I did get out in the fifty above weather [Yikes!], tour around my old town in nostalgic delight, hung out with the bare minimum of friends I had and all in all it was a good summer. And then sometime before last summer, I had met the girl I am dating now. The only problem with that was we weren't too knowledgeable of each other, even after we started dating. So going out wasn't much of an option for us. Sure we got out every now and again, but it wasn't excessive which was kind of depressing. But hey, I couldn't complain. And then just this summer, I was pysched to go out and enjoy myself, but the weather was dreadful. Snow, rain, sleet all summer long. I did get out those days that weren't cold and depressing, but it wasn't enough to call it a good summer.

So this year? This year, unless the weather pattern continues to be cold and colder, I plan on getting out more often. I've been thinking about this for awhile and I had to ask myself why. Its simple [again]. The monster I had to pick up from school the other day, he isn't the type to go outside and play really. I mean, he has his moments, but to him it seems life is a videogame. Its all he thinks about. Its all he ever wants to do. During the cold days when theres nothing but soaps on, I'm all for that. But even when hes grounded or something that leads to him not being able to play a video game, he just sits there mindless. He doesn't play with his toys. He doesn't go outside and play a little one on one hockey with his foster dad. Hes just not imaginative or creative or active enough and its been really starting to get to me recently. I mean, at his age, I played with my action figures all day long [note like the one above in this post.] In my bed room, living room, bath tub. I was all about toys. Video games were a privellage and I knew that, but creativity and imagination, thats a God given right! And this kid isn't utilizing it. In a way, its kind of good because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have even given my life a small reflection. But on the other hand, my child hood is almost over and this kid has another decade in front of him. So I told his parents to take away all video games and consoles for the summer and make sure he gets his mind to use its talent or go outside and play. Just like I plan on doing to myself this year and for the rest of my life.

Now don't take this all to heart. I am a legal adult and can make decisions on my own. Which means, cutting myself off completely won't be happening. There are days I will want to play my playstation or muck around with my nintendo, but past that, the most electronic use I will want out of my life [for summer atleast] is minimal television [I have to keep up with my wrestling!], maybe a hand held console like my playstation portable, my iPod, cell phone and stereo. I plan on going camping and bike riding and taking my dogs out more often during the summer. And I just plan on doing more with my life, whether its go downtown, sit in a Tim Hortons for two hours and doing absoultely nothing, as long as I get my fresh air while I'm on my way to do it. It sounds weird, and with my attention span lately, damn near impossible but I will try my best. Wish me luck! This is almost like a New Years Resolution, but more of the summer time. I hate winter.

--Too Much Though

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Thursday, February 24, 2011



Question: Is it the 24th today?
Answer: It wasn't yesterday, but today it was. All day.

Can you believe it? Half way through the question series already! But thats not what this is about. Today, I couldn't think of a thing to rant about. I've been lacking on real rants lately and for not having a blog that long, its a pretty big deal. If I can't keep up with even myself, how am I supposed to please the public? I mean, during that bloggers meet up the other day, I even heard a very logical point. Some people were discussing the types of blogs made, how the internet is basically your resume and how some people can be so open while others keep themselves closed up so people don't see the bad, but can only document the good for their "families sake" and what not. To those people, I can respect because they do it for the safety of themselves and their childrens lives. But I just can't keep myself closed up. I have an opinion for everything and I have no problem stating that opinion.

But back on topic. The point is I was lacking in my writing and my lengthy blogs that I wanted to do so I went to twitter and asked the people, but mentioned something I didn't want to talk about due to the fact that I wanted to write more than "I hate politics." HughesforYYC [also known as the man I called "homeless looking. There goes my stupid opinions, running rampant again!] challenged me. Instead of just saying I hate politics, he told me to tell us why. I just got suckered in to this because I was told not too long ago that he actually ran for Mayor. [Payback... is... a... bitch.]  But you know what? Lets see if I can and can do it properly. I am sorry if I butcher it improperly.

I hate politics for a variety of reasons, but many of them revolve around todays society. You see, Bush had messed up and at the time he tried to justify it but atleast he messed up and he wouldn't take it back because it was his decision through and through. I respect someone like Bush who helps run our government because he relies on his decision. He makes his own decisions and hopes other people will back him up. He makes decisions for the people because people gave him the power to do so. Now that is politics! That is something I can get in to every day of my life. What about now? Well now, we have a leader in office of America who works with the people, not for them like people wanted him to. So now? Now we have a government who runs rampant, trying to make everyone happy. What pisses me off about this?

You can't make everyone happy. You just can't. I mean, schools run by the government, whether it be of Canada or of America, are trying to make everyone happy, my foster nephew can't even take anything with nuts to school in it! I mean, sure I don't mind if I get fed peanut-butter crackers at my sister's place, but when you can't bring them to school because someone might die by just smelling it? If someone almost dies from my lunch, you know what I tell them? Stay the hell away from my lunch in the first place! What makes matters worse is these kids eat their lunches in the gym. So now he can't bring foods with allergens to school even though you're eating it in a giant room where you could just simply move rather than die? Heres a solution, cut off the gym to a half and half, let them eat what they want for lunch versus what they can eat, then let them go play when everyones done! Oh so simple, but can we take a chance? Of course not. The government won't allow it.

Not only does this bother me. But things like child kidnappings have gotten people so on edge that the government has to take that in to response as well. I was supposed to pick up the little monster from school today and I told my sister to tell him to wait outside. But he can't. Why? They're not allowed to leave the classroom without a parent or guardian coming to pick them up. Really? You're that afraid? Honestly, if you can't trust anyone in your neighbourhood, why are you living in that respective neighbourhood? Why do you even live in that particular city or town if you can't trust anyone? Why even have kids if you can't trust anyone? Become an agoraphobic and live like a hermit because without trust, you can't really live now can you? So why take away life from your kids if you can't teach them to trust one another. It makes no sense and yet we still follow without fighting. We're letting a small collective of people with no sense of direction and trust control our lives and letting our government make decisions based off those people.

I mean, everything has become so racial and religious now a days too. There is no more Merry Christmas. Its "Happy Holidays!" [I know, that one has been used so much its like beating a dead horse.] But thats only the religious perspective. I remember my last few years of school, I actually got smacked across the back of the head by my spanish teacher for "taking the Lord's name in vain." Really? I didn't realize we were in a Catholic School... oh right. It wasn't. But she took offense and may have taken the wrong route but she was a prime example of the set of people who takes offense to everything. If she had her way and ran for politics, finding some way to sleep her way to the top, I bet every school would end up being taught Catholic with no rights to religion and be the new aged Hitler. Woe is me. But again, thats only a small... very small percentage of the religious aspects of the government. Theres also religions going wild out there because one girl was asked to remove her head-piece in soccer by a racial tolerant refferee because it was a safety issue. Look at that, a smart sensible person looking out for the people and he gets bashed and torn apart [verbally thankfully] by the intelligence-lacking people of today because they think hes racist and merely targetting the little girl for her religion. Really? And yet. The government continues to cater to it.

Has anyone watched a good movie lately? Maybe a horror flick? How about something like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer? where the black person [oops, I mean't "African American"] person dies first? How about an African American in any movie? How about the "token" African American? Nope. There are movies out there before all this political bullshit that there is one [being the token] black guy, whether he dies, lives, is the hero, villian it didn't really matter. It was never an issue. I mean yes, there are black people in a lot of movies, but there are a few out there with only one or two and it isn't noticeable until someone points it out to you. I'm surprised the likes of The Social Network didn't get torn to pieces due to the lack of black folk in that movie as well! But why does every movie need a few more black cast members than the usual, and why do black people get entire movies with JUST black people in it? Simple. The government takes comments like "the black people always die first in the horror movies!" way in to the heart. They're afraid riots will ensue due to 'racism' among other things. Come on now. Get a life people!

Maybe ye old England had it right. Maybe Hitler wasn't completely wrong here. I say this to be taken every lightly with a grain of salt. But these people had powers that were enforced to [with intentions, not always the case] help and work for the people. What they said goes and if you argued, too bad. You had an opinion but nobody cared because they were doing what was best for you. Yes, its wrong and feels like it violates peoples rights, but with a mixture of working for the people and with the people could work. Listening to people and working around while still keeping promises and making decisions for yourself is the best answer for the government. Not catering to every person's whim and worry. This is why I hate the government. And this is why I hate politics. With that said, unless we get a smarter canidate to run for office, you won't see me in line to register for voting anytime soon.

--Too Much Thought

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Question: Are you waiting for the number one?
Answer: Nope. And to ruin your morning a little more, it just went by. Get here a little faster.

Last night, Craving The Cupcakes and playpen-jessi and I attended a "Calgarys Blogger Meet-Up". In all fairness, it was pretty awkward for people to just jump in and meet people, almost like a blind date. But once you got your coffee and got around to opening up to people who you were and what you do, it turned into something interesting.

Now I say this with pure observance. For the entire night from six to eight I was a total wallflower. Why? I'm shy. I always talk about being a hermit for my entire childhood because I was shy and just not out-going at all and how I regret it. But regret doesn't make change, hense I sat there drinking my mocha watching people just jump right in to the mixing and mingling that was supposed to take place of the night. But I wasn't the only one as my two companions sat there awkwardly, a little shy and a little intimidated like myself. Of course, people have senses for these things and in kindess, tried to interact with the likes of us but it only worked for them really. I sat there with a small smile on my face listening intently to people's stories. There was a person there who described his entire job and how he just "fell in to it" which even right now I don't know what it is. Something about arguing real-estate. I like to aruge so I might have to look in to that. There was also a guy who looked kind of homeless, would rather have had the coffee-shop be a bar and I swear was a conspiracy theroist. And there was even a woman whos been blogging since I was in elementary school. Damn!

Now I understood there has always been bloggers around Calgary and many of them seem to be like myself. They have one, they just never discussed it out of fear of being judged. Even our organizer for the evening over at Merry With Children had said "my friends think I'm weird." My problem is I am weird, I just don't want people thinking I'm as weird as they think I am. That'd just be weird you know? Anyways I think thats what turned me in to a huge Wallflower last night. It was the fact that even if these people do what I do, I still end up with the feeling of being the inferior to them. I feel that they haven't read my blog, but they never will because it's something that definitley wouldn't interest them. Although I don't care if people read about my life or not, I never like the feeling of thinking 'I'll never get a chance'. And thats all we really want in life right?

All in all it wasn't a night I regret and it was a time I would like to have again. I just hope its warmer when I go out again! I'd rather show up as me, but me in a giant sweater, freezing my ass off.

--Too Much Thought

Monday, February 21, 2011


5 Things That I Like;


Question: Is Rob in today?
Answer: How should I know? I don't write the schedule.

So I got tagged again. I guess if I continued to get tagged, I'll continue to do five things I like. But I won't cheat, I'll do different things don't worry.

That 70's Show was hilarious. Not only that, I don't think I ever missed an episode and its one of those shows that knew when to end. Unlike something like the Simpsons [even though I love that show aswell], people didn't go "No way, it can't end!". People knew the story needed to end somewhere and they did it at almost the perfect time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice cream. Need I say more? The most delicious ice cream sold from the ice cream truck ever and one I hope to find, or hope they bring back. The flavour was unforgettable and the best part was the bubble gum eyes. I'm probably going to blog about this later. Nuff' said.

Michael Cera I have to say, is the shit. I mean come on, even if he plays the awkward teen in every movie hes ever been in, he plays it magestically. I remember when Jesse Eisenberg started coming up and around. It was like he was trying to steal the lime-light away from this bad-ass right here. But in all seriousness, I've been told due to my personality, its a shock that I like him. But I do.

This one is more about wrestling then it is The Rock, although I do love the Rock. I've always been a little shy about admitting to liking wrestling because I don't know a lot of people that do like wrestling. But now I don't really care because I have met quite a few people who actually do. Plus my girlfriend's dad watches it and he kind of rekindled my love for the sport.

I guess its obvious because I have a blog but I love writting. There are people who have blogs who just love baking or crafting. I on the other hand just love writing. Short, long, rant, memories. I love doing it all and I love not caring what people think of it. I hated writing in school but loved it at the same time[depending on the teacher.] because it was judged. I hated Social Studies for it mainly because they were way too critical. I just want to be heard, not judged. I guess blogging is the best way to get that done. Plus I can swear and stuff without getting marked off which is pretty awesome too.

Here I guess I would tag people but I haven't tagged people in my last post. Will I? Possible. But this one will get to wait!

-- Too Much Thought



Question: Did Adam go home?
Answer: I have no idea. I just woke up and I passed out during Not Another Teen Movie. You're supposed to tell me.

But seriously. Do you know what I love? Movies from the late 80's to the early 90's and even a few new millenium ones. Like the above, the Breakfast Club. I want to say its one of my all time favourite movies, but I can pretty much say that about any of my favourite movies. I mean honestly, these movies are the greatest. They actually have a plot one can follow, they don't need too much "action" to keep you interested and it actually tells a pretty lengthy tale with a message in the end. What movie can you say does that now a days?

I can only name a few that does it in today's standards of movies. The Social Network, Buried... my list is very short. But what about mind blowing, thought catching movies of the early 90's? The Breakfast Club, the Mighty Ducks series, the Back to the Future series, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Buellers Day Off, even the House Party series were more entertaining than the crap on today's televisions. Why? Simple, they didn't have a series of loose ends that they needed to find a way to cover up and fast. The Breakfast Club was just about five teenagers, six people all together with life problems that they talk about and need to over-come. Aswell as the plot point, they feel the need to break some rules, running around the entire school causing havoc for the principal and the employees working after hours on a weekend. There was no need for explosions. There was no need for mindless, gross-out comedy. It was simple and it was fantastic.

Now I say this with a half open mind about movies today. I do love gross out, stoner comedies and for good reason. I love what goes through the mind of Seth Rogen and any of the Broken Lizard orJackass groups. Its sick and twisted and I always get the cheap, whole hearted laugh out of each one of them that they fully intended. But if someone came up to me with two movies, one being Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the other 40 Year Old Virgin, Ferris Bueller wins it every time. Well... maybe. Atleast nine times out of ten.

All I know is if I had the chance. I would watch all of these movies and more for the rest of my life and it wouldn't bother me one bit. Actually... that gives me an idea. I'm going to start watching movies I love, miss and enjoy. Its going to be in a list and its going to have its own tab. Look for it up top there. And if you ever feel the need, comment on this post and others with ideas. I think I'm going to start reviewing them. Ah just another lovely idea coming from my brain. All golden.

-- Too Much Thought

Friday, February 18, 2011


5 Things That I Like;


Question: Are you tired?
Answer: I'm always tired. I sleep like twelve hours a day. As much as I hate wasting my life away sleeping, I enjoy every morsel of sleep I get.

I guess I should read blogs more often eh? Craving The Cupcakes tagged me in a post and i never realized it! Here is the five things I like.

You can't tell me thats not the cutest little fucker ever? I can't wait to own of these myself! I hear they're pretty expensive. Lets hope Kiji or the SPCA has one I can own and love some day!

I love pigs as well! How do you not want one of these things either?! I have a plan for this in the near future. Pug named Piggles. A husky [God knows what the woman will name it!] and then a pig named Puggles! Cute? I know.

My favourite dessert on this planet is the cheesecake! [The next in line is Craving The Cupcakes s'more brownie that she has yet to make me again! Get on it Angela!]

Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men?

Two and a Half Men is like one of my favourite television shows. I watch it everytime its on, regardless if I've seen it or not. Jake, Allan and Charlie get me everytime!

Last but not least...

My hat addiciton! I hate it because its such an expensive habit, but I love it due to the fact that I love and wear every hat I own. No hat gets left behind!

 And here is where I'm supposed to tag 5 random people I'm assuming. I'll edit and tag people as well as notify them later.


So I've been pretty behind on my blog lately. So excuse me while I post two blogs today, both pertaining and to answering two days worth of questions. [I could count my blessings that I'm not a week behind!]


Question: Does anyone want to argue with my extra special vagina vote?
Answer: Nope.

So Monday as you all know was Valentines Day. Sadly, I had to work and so did the second half, so we kind of had to reschedule. But this made her a tad bit more happy because of three reasons.
  1. She got a little more time to shop for my present(s) before our Valentines Day.
  2. She didn't realize until yesterday that it was our official, to the day, 20 Months together.
  3. I knew and planned the entire day out to go along with her present I had planned to get her the day of. I'm a romantic I know.
For my Valentines she got me a few trinkets of chocolates and rocket candy hearts, as well as a stuffed teddy bear(s) that are hugging with the feet saying xoxo, all that surrounded the big present which are my ultra awesome new Batman versus Joker DC Universe Converse which are now my "special occasion" shoes; ie birthdays, christmas ect. And what did I do for her you ask? Easy.

It started off with a mere 3 Stem lillies on day one. The next day, I took her up to the mall for crepes [which were delicious by the way. I never knew cheese, ham and mayonaise inside a crepe would be so good!] and some frozen yougurt. [New flavour by the way and a possible favourite; Strawberry Cheesecake. Yum!] After that, we had walked around and ended up at a few stores but only bought a few things and they happened to be for me. [Honestly, I wasn't going to buy a thing for myself but I have this serious hat addicition that she convinced me to feed.] After frozen yougurt, we continued on to the bus stop and made our way to the train station and took a sardine-like packed train all the way to our destination at Chinook Mall. Here, I took out money for the dinner and movie later [just to be safe] and brought her to the unknowingly what was her present at Build-a-Bear where we waltzed around for almost an hour picking out which animal she wanted, how much stuffing she needed, what to wear, name it and get it purchased. [It has a heartbeat by the way. As cool as that sounds its also very creepy.] She ended up with an awesome biker dog with sunglasses, a harley davidson jacket and converse named Ryder. [With a "Y".] She happily pranced that thing all around the mall while we wondered around for the next hour before we went to dinner because our movie didn't start for like another 3 while we were up there. [And again, she found out some way to get me to buy two more hats. I felt so bad, but she assures me shes alright with it.] We bought two little Family Guy trinkets, one being the evil monkey and the other being Brian and headed our way to find a restaurant. [I wanted Moxies but looks like Chinook got rid of theres!] We found Joey Tomatos and I found out how delicious it actually was. [Lobster ravioli. Yum!] From there we went to see No Strings Attached. By far one of the funniest movies so far this year next to the Green Hornet and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings. I suggest you see both of those movies, immediately. [A bonus being that No Strings Attached is actually not in 3D. Finally.]

On a side note. We stopped by and found a way to hide Kernels popped popcorn in to the movie theater. By far the best move of the evening.

-- Too Much Thought

Thursday, February 17, 2011



Question: What do you want to do?
Answer: I'm pretty sure its obvious isn't it?

I know I bag on gaming now a days and for good reason. But recently I've started playing Zombies a lot more often than not. I'm pretty addicted to it. And its for another good reason. I mean, especially with a new head set, it makes everything easier than trying to run around and have everyone be a total asshole by opening doors and having waves of Zombies come in the doors for no good reason besides troll and piss people off. As much as I respect a good troll, when I'm actually trying to play, you can actually try to piss off.

Now I know I say these games are completely easy to the lifeless but to the people such as myself, this games actually gets pretty difficult. But thanks to playing so much, I'm pretty much the best of the worst. Now I say that with a little bit of exaggeration. But beyond that its pretty much it. I'll join games where people have been through 30 waves of Zombies and I'll join games where my 12 waves of Zombies tops them all. I kind of feel like a champion in the latter games, but I know that most of the time I'm being carried by the greater guys. I don't mind though, as long as I start taking out Zombies myself and contribute, they don't mind either.

All in all, even if this game is for the truly lifeless who find a glitch in every room or even if it will be just another out-dated game due to the fact that Call of Duty games come out every year around Rememberance Day and anyone who reads this knows someone who already has it which means they don't need to buy it themselves, its a great game no matter how much I like other games better. I'm slowly getting addicited and when another one comes out, I'm going to be saddened that I need to get better at that one next. Oh well, soon enough I'll be slaying Zombies again.

-- Too Much Thought

[PS. Here is the fifth thank you to my readers. Blair's Girls is the latest reader or follower rather, and I'm glad to have her. I know she was sent here by either Craving The Cupcakes or PlayPen-Jessi, but either way, glad to have her. Hope you like what you read!]

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Question: How is everything so far?
Answer: Simple answer. Bazinga. You are no match for my quick wit. This morning I had woken up late for work, fed my hampster before I left, realized I forgot to change her water, filled up her dish, spilled it all over her food. Had to change food. Choose between which salad I wanted to take for work, ended up with the one I didn't want. Forgot to pack a drink, had to waist two bucks. Got to work a half hour late, couldn't find my uniform. Found my uniform, realized my trays weren't washed. Had to wash trays before changing. And finally, after I got myself out of one giant fustercluck, getting my donuts started a half hour later than they should be, my manager shows up to work and has the audacity to ask me how things are. Just peachy sir.

But seriously. I hate my job. Remember when you were a kid and money was no option for you? Sure maybe two or three dollars for some soda and a bag of chips from the 7-11 only two blocks away, but beyond that you didn't have to work. You just had to go to school, get an education and most importantly, be a kid. But now I've grown up and realize how much I cherish those memories I have of being a youngster. I'm only eighteen yeah, but I'm an adult in the province of Alberta which means I can call me at age ten a youngster. I mean, I miss going to the park, hanging out in my basement without a care in the world because I had two working parents who basically handed things to me [monetarily speaking] until about the age of fifteen when I got my first job and stopped asking my parents for money all together.

Like a typical person, I do hate my job though. I mean, by typical, I'm just an average person, with average ambitions who never went to university for any type of career and now I'm working a 9-5 job. I know many people who hate their job as well. So its not like I'm the only one running in this circle. Other people feel what I feel and that is to just want to collect money and not have to work for it. But those wants and needs go to people who truly deserve it [or have the capability to cheat the government] and I wouldn't take that away from them. So unlike those people who love their career because its like a dream come true, or those who stumbled upon it on accident because they lacked the sense in any other career, I hate my job but like those people who feel what I feel about their dead end job, they know the value of a dollar and they try to earn it any way they can because they lack the creative skills to go in any other field of work.

Now you might ask me why I hate my job, or what I even do. Look above. I'm a donut fryer. According to my position I'm actually a bench-hand which means I do what the baker wants me to do when they want me to do even if that means I have to spin on my head and spit water. But really, I make donuts, prepare the next days bagels and danish and other various baked goods and go home. I'm a donut bitch basically. Its kind of sad really, but at the time when I got offered the job, I was in desparate need of some cash flow. I had handed out resume after resume and got no where so when my brother in-law asked me flat out if I wanted a job, I jumped at the opportunity. I kind of regret it now, but until I find my true calling, I'm stuck with this. Oh well, it could be worse. I could castrorate sheep with my teeth or something like that guy from the show Dirty Jobs. God damn that is a dirty job though.

But I guess I can ask you, for those who are listening. What do you do? Do you hate your job like me and the other half of this nation built on money and inflation rates? Or are you completely in-love and total bliss with what you do?

--Too Much Thought

Monday, February 14, 2011



Question: Is your alarm set?
Answer: My alarm is always set. I never turn it off. I always turn the sound off sure, but my alarm is always on. It annoys my girlfriend sometimes in a middle of a good sleep. She'll hear the buzzing of my vibrating phone as it goes off at five in the morning. [the usual time I have it set so I can get up for work.] Sometimes she'll mention it to me. But she's given up now cause I usually just laugh and tell her what it is. I think she's got the picture.

Anytime my girlfriend and I discuss our parents and our irrational behaviour towards them, [I yell at my parents all the time, usually it takes them a few times to ask me a question before I get annoyed and yell. She'll deny it but I see her flip out every time her parents ask a question they've clearly forgotten the answer to. Although, her father does it sometimes when I'm around because we like doing that to her. Its our thing.] it usually comes down to no matter what, we love our parents. I usually end up saying I only love my mother but she always argues otherwise that I love my father too. Truth is, we have a love-hate relationship with our lives right now. I'll try to explain as best as I can.

My father is a man who has gotten me interested in a lot of things. I mean, between him and my brother, they make up my interests split between the two. So in reality, I have about three interest groups. Two split between family, one where I make decisions on my own. [Being the need to write being one of mine.] My dad has gotten me in to things like wrestling and camping. My brother is my music and style in clothes. But beyond that, I make up my own likes and dislikes without any influence whats so ever. But the main thing is my father getting me interested in to certain things and one of them is a huge thing being wrestling. I have always been a fan of the sport, professional or amateur. And on certain nights of discussion or watching Sports Entertainment on television, we have our moments of father-son bonding. Like tonight being of interest. We couldn't wait to see who would host Wrestlemania 27. We were anticipating and watching this entire night together because we wanted to know. It was a night we both jumped around like a bunch of little middle school girls over Justin Bieber. When we saw the Rock come out on to that ramp, boy were we excited. And thats just the type of moments we have together. These are our times that make me love him.

And then, there are the bad times where I claim to hate him and yet my girlfriend seems to keep trying to push them away from my train of thought. The picture above is just one of the many examples of our bad times together. That picture was taken at the Blink 182 Summer Tour during their reunion. That night was supposed to be the best night of my life. And in all fairness, it was as close to perfect as could be. The only thing that really ruined it, and also ruined my experience at that movie 3:10 Train To Yuma and at the RAW Wrestling event held here in Calgary... as well as the Stampede Wrestling and various other activies we've gone to, is his acoholism. Yes, I know this is a very personal manner and I won't go in to grave detail. The most people really need to know his he is an alcoholic in denial. When he finally admitted to it, he stopped for a bit but fell off the wagon and pretty much denies ever admitting to it. Its a sad tale really and its really the reason you won't see pictures like the ones above anymore because I refuse to go anywhere in public with him.

Its kind of sad really. I mean like I said. There are things my father and I do that makes me love him and love the moments we spend with each other. I know I won't get another father and I'm not asking for another one. But there are things that make me hate him just as much as he hated his father. And in a way, I feel bad for him really. I just have to hope something will come of this. I remember the days when all he would do is have a few beers, smoke a couple of joints and play Tiger Woods Golf on the Playstation in the basement. But now its not even beer anymore. *Sigh*. I miss my childhood. Sorry for the depressing sounding blog today. Just something that's been on my mind. Figure I'd share it with you.

-- Too Much Thought

Sunday, February 13, 2011



Question: Are you posting tonight or tomorrow?
Answer: Tomorrow... no wait. Let's post tonight. Question brought to you by playpen-jessi. She hates asking me questions directly after midnight because she'll never look at the time and she'll just straight ask me without realizing. I know she has a question brewing in that mind of hers but we've only got twenty four questions left because we're already on day six!

But moving on. I know what people are thinking about when they see my posts below these ones and they see the picture. People are thinking right about now I'm a hater of Valentines Day and any other holiday. They're already in the process of bracing themselves because I'm about to use the sentence "consumer holiday created by the card companies so the coporate fat cats can make more money." And because I'm me, I'd assume nothing less. But you already see it coming so lets cut through the ol' crap cake here and get to chase. You're wrong. I actually like Valentines Day! Infact, I'm a hater of the haters out there now, refusing to shower their loved ones with presents and magic filled days caused by February 14th of each year. I call these people cheap. [I'll let you right now, for those who know me well enough, its almost an insult for me to call someone else cheap!] But I'll tell you why I love it.

Every year in elementary school, I would spend way more money then its worth to buy cool Valentines cards for everyone in my class. I would personalize them with stickers and names and maybe an inside or two for the kicks and hand them out, regardless if I got any back or not. And even if the cards weren't sincere, everyone handed them out with or without personalizing them. [So the pretty much means nobody was left out. That'd be harsh. [Let's take a look back at Ralph Wiggum when he gets his heart broken by his only Valentine.]

I mean come on. Ralph Wiggum's happenings was everyone's fear. They'd never get a Valentine. And if they only got one, they'd get their heart broken. [Seriously, kids my age can actually relate to his program. Kids today, can not. It still saddens me each and every post.] So bascially, the equality back in the day was something I loved, and even today having someone to actually be a Valentine is a little more sweeter.

Something I also love is those little candy hearts. Although, with my braces I might not be able to eat them this year, but I still love getting them. I don't know why people hate them so much. I can't seem to get enough of the chalky flavour. Theyre just... sugar! That's it. A new form of sugar that you can only get once a year with some cute little message on them [unless the government has gotten their hands on that too in which case, I give up.] and you just eat them. People complain because they "taste" bad or the chalk of the candy is disgusting but honestly, they were and still are the best thing. That and those little cinnamon hearts pretty much haven't changed since I was kid. [I mean, with products now a days being changed or reduced because theres too much salt or sugar or fat or something in them or the ingriedient used to make them are just waged too high that makes the product reduced and the price inflated boggles my mind.]

I don't know. I guess it being a holiday it makes it a lot more fun. That and The Simpsons made it way better than what it was. Whether it was Homer telling Bart and Lisa to stay down stairs with the sound turned way up so he could bone Marge, Maggie getting down to Sex Bomb or even the guys throwing Ned out of a moving vehicle because hes suggesting actually doing something for the women folk instead of finding a way to beat down Apu, they seemed to turn it out to be something better then what it really is and they do it well. Of course, I think Simpsons has done that to all holidays for me. Halloween with their Tree House of Horrors or their Christmas Specials and how they got Santa's Little Helper. All I know is I love Valentines Day and although its a little sad for me to be spending it on a Thursday rather than the Monday [or in about an hour if you want to get technical] I will enjoy every second of it as long as I've got my girlfriend with me.

--Too Much Thought

Saturday, February 12, 2011



Question: If you could fuck a cartoon chick, which one would you pick?
Answer: Well thank you Asher Paul Roth for your intriguing songs and hilarious questions. Actually this one was from a song called "Cartoon Chick" which, even if its funny and meant to be taken light heartedly, its actually a good song in the end. I ended up going to bed last night around two in the morning and before then I heard this song and alas, this question which would be the first question of the day and so far, my favourite question to answer.

Cartoons are apart of our rich history as children. I mean, sure England and France and all of Europe back in the middle ages as well as the not so sovereign reign of North America and a rapidly growing Asia lacked these "talking pictures" from the "magic picture box" but any kid with a television set back when I was growing up watched an endless ammount of cartoons it was almost unhealthy. I sure know I did. I can list too many it should almost be illegal but a few of my favourites from back in the day would have to be Bonkers, Arthur, Goof Troop, Care Bears and [of course] Recess. I mean, I love Goof Troop and Goofy's hilarious antics, Pete's stupid "get rich quick" schemes and of course Max the awesome one and his pudgey little friend PJ, Max's best friend and son of Pete. Recess was and almost still is something I watch every day though when I get the chance. I can't get over how clever six fourth graders could be [regardless of it being a farce or fictional] it blew my mind. I don't even think 90% of the awesome and amazing cartoons I used to watch are on television anymore. I guess I'll have to do some hunting around when I'm looking for those game systems for some seasons or episodes of my favourite cartoons.

It bothers me sure that kids now a days can't learn half of what I learned [and I don't care what parents or adults say about the matter. Cartoons had the ability to teach kids, especially something like Recess. It doesn't help cause mischeif, but rather helps people aspire to be something. The most brainy, the most courageous, self-reliant, soulful or toughest S.O.B out there.] and that bothers me because then I can't relate. One day I'll come across a child or have a child of my own and when life has them down, I'll try to relate to them with my favourite episode of the Weekenders and they won't even have a clue.

But thats where I appreciate the things I used to have and I don't think I ever took for granted of. The other week I was on the phone with my friend and he heard my music in the back ground. All he could say was "you really like you're old music huh?" Turns out Stand Up by Ludacris was playing. And I couldn't help but smile because you know what? I do love my old music. Sure its not classical old or old from the KISS or ACDC era but hey, anything a decade old now a days is classified as old. And it makes me miss the days when something like that was cool. It makes me miss the days of elementary and middle school when life was at my finger tips and I could make anything I wanted of myself. I miss making new friends and just hanging out, when birthday parties meant ice cream cake, pop and chips, running around the Rec Center and having a blast doing it, not drunken whore rave where chicks get drunk and play "rainbow" on a guys dick while hes waiting to use the restroom. [If you don't know what rainbow is, it involves a multitude of different colors of lipstick and a guys penis. You put the rest together.] It makes me miss it and it makes me fear for the future. I mean, drunken whore fests are the in thing now. What happens in another twenty years when I have children and they're going to birthday parties? I shutter the thought.

Anyways, if I could fuck a cartoon chick, it would definitley have to be good ol' Betty Cooper. She was the biggest babe there. Veronica was a giant slut and proved it by waving her money around like Paris Hilton. [I was actually going to say Midge but if Big Moose ever got around to reading my blog... I can't finish that sentence.]

--Too Much Thought
[PS. I haven't gotten around to it yet but late is better than never right? I have two more followers to this blog. One goes by the name of M4R14N0 and the other by Bothered. I want to thank them for checking this out and I hope everyone enjoys what I put out. Don't be afraid to drop a comment or a message. I don't bite. Or I try not to. Catch you later.]

Friday, February 11, 2011



Question: Are you gonna write day three?
Answer: Its already done. Well when I was asked this question, I was in the midst of doing it. The day three question post anyways. And to this day so far, that was my shortest post. But thats because I ran out of ideas to post about which is kind of sad but I was writing at midnight after getting up earlier then normal in the morning and working out at a class at my gym called Zumba. [Which is harder then it sounds.] So forgive me for not having Too Much Thought, but hey, my girlfriend over at playpen-jessi worked it out pretty well for me so all is well.

But the picture above is what this is more or less about. In my last post, I had basically given away my inspiration for this post. Sleep and a whole lot of gaming. Mainly Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for the day, but hey gaming is gaming. But [not to be rude] I bet many of you won't have a clue what game I'm referencing above unless you yourself love gaming like myself. [If you're female and are a gaming widow like my friend at cravingthecupcakes or just not a gamer, then get your boyfriend or a friend to look at it. Go on. I'll wait.. BAZINGA! I'm not waiting, too bad.] Its a little game that some of my friends don't even remember playing or have never played before [which shocks me.] called "Zombies Ate My Neighbours" which has to be one of my all time favourite games. I mean it has everything. Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Giant babies killing things, popcicles... wait what? That's right. A giant baby [seen above] that has no trouble smooshing you in to a pancake while you attempt to rescue civilians from also being smooshed, or eaten as well as a multitude of other things. Like you're starting pistol being nothing but plastic and water. A popcicle as some sort of defense mechanism and magic potions that turn you in to one of them [momentarily while you tear shit up!] in order to get around to exit as fast as possible. Now you tell me what game can possibly match up to this!

Of course, a lot of children today would look at this and scoff. People now a days, whether they have just started gaming, are too young to remember anything actually good or just plain don't care all base games by the looks. Honestly. The games have reached the point of everything needing to look good and not be good. From what I heard, Black Ops and games like such are so short in storyline but "oh wow, the graphics are amazing!". So? The dogs look like dogs, the people look like people and the blood splatter is a bit more realistic. Lets go to Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Vampires you knew were vampires. Werewolves were werewolves. It wasn't hard and it really didn't matter because this game couldn't be beat in a mere two days. This game was 55 levels of intense rescuing and killing. Take a look at Ghost and Goblins. The worst graphics I have seen in a while, yet you knew what Ghosts and Goblins looked like no problem. This wasn't another game you could beat in two days and infact, it took you double the time to beat it just once. Why? Because you had to beat it twice.

Yes a game you actually had to beat twice. That's unheard of today. Its not unheard of to beat it on easy and then shoot right up to expert because the person playing has no life. But its unheard of to have a game with no levels besides "just play and get your ass kicked" and once you beat it, guess what? Spoiler alert, but what you just played was a mirage level and now you have to start from the beginning. Ouch right? But hey, its a challenge and provides hours and days and [for some] even weeks of entertainment.. among other things like frustration and anger, but with the children today all being diagnosed with A.D.D and other attention problems they all get mad at Call of Duty for being too hard and frustrating sometimes. Put this game in front of them and say good-bye to your television, remote controls and whatever little Johnny can get his hands on because he will be so frustrated he will break shit. Guaranteed.

I don't know about you or me but when I get the chance I"m hitting every pawn store I can to try and buy an Atari, NES. SNES [thats Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you who we're still shitting themselves while I was busy playing them and have no idea where their "Wii" derived from.] as well as a Playstation and a Nintendo 64 for a little bit of advanced [yet still hard gaming] graphics past simple blips and flashes on the screen. Maybe its just me, but it does bother me to have something flashy but doesn't provide more than an hour of entertainment for me. Oh well, I guess gaming is gaming. Which reminds me, I still have Zombies open. That's all for now.

--Too Much Thought

[PS. My friend Izel I talked about before is now on Twitter. I know right? Hilarity on ice. So go ahead and follow her. Don't mind the random posts she comes up with though. Just sit back and laugh. DaddyPartyBalls.]

Thursday, February 10, 2011



Question: Does Jessica's family like mangos?
Answer: No. And that was just the answer from the look I got on her face. Her actual answer involved 'disgusting' in such a harsh tone against mangos. Read more here.

--Too Much Thought

[PS. I didn't really want to do an entire rant considering I missed a day and just made up for it in the Bus Driver rant. After a good sleep and some Call of Duty: Zombies Black Ops I'll be good for another rant.]



Question: Sorry... did you make the bus?
Answer: No. And that day, it was my fault. I went to bed too late and couldn't be bothered to get up for work. But normally, there is an answer to why I miss my buses. Simple. Bus drivers suck.

Now I have never met a bus driver until November of 2010. And of course, I had some of the most interesting discussions with him and he enjoyed telling his stories to my girlfriend and I because his friend's had gotten sick of his stories. We were a good couple of fresh faces and new ears for each other. I listened intently because really, I love listening to both sides of a story before I ever really make a full decision on if I hate something or not. I mean, if I hated convience store clerks, I would atleast want an explanation of why they act the way they do before I finalize my feelings towards all of them. He was the type of guy who made me not hate the position that is being a transit driver so much. But the problem is, I do still hate many of them. And the question is usually why? Well, thats another easy question for me to answer.

A week or two ago, I had thee worst transit days of my life. And before that, even trying to get to school was such a hassle. I don't complain about missing my buses to school because I didn't live far from my school so it was an easy walk. Problem was I left my house around the time I needed to get to a bus so I can catch it, and when you get an asshole of a bus driver who doesn't stop even when you are literally beside the door [on a side note: I found out I can run up to 20 miles an hour if I really want to apparently. Crazy.] banging on it and the guy just continues on his way. Like really? He lives in the trailer park I live in too. I hope he gets fired some day or retires soon, I can't stand him. As for the worst transit day of my life, it also involved the guy who I hate. I was on my way to my girlfriend's place and I was at my bus stop this time. I waited and waited and eventually he showed up. I assumed he was late by this time because I stood there and he looked directly at me and almost went past me on purpose. I guess he grew a heart somewhere down the line and stopped but I knew he didn't want to. Way to do your job dil-hole. What would end that day of horrible transit? On my way home from my girlfriend's place, I stood in the blistering cold [temperature drop. Gotta love them.] and waited for my bus. A bus that was supposed to come in a half hour. Thirty minutes. A bus that never showed up. A bus I actually needed to come fast never shows up and I have to catch the next one a half hour after. So in all, I waited an hour. What made it worse? The bus driver drives right past me. Yes. She claims to not see me and just keeps going. Like I stood there in total awe. My mouth was dropped and I was shocked. She stopped eventually down the road where I had to run but its the principle of the matter. Fuck her.

I have so many more reasons to hate transit drivers. I've been almost to the bus at full running speed for it to take off. I've walked home from places and beat the bus there when I could have just waited but I am so impatient. Buses have been hours late, mere minutes early or they just don't care. I've almost been in an accident because the bus driver couldn't be bothered to fix his mistake in his route a safer way. Instead he decided to do a U-Turn right in the middle of the road, have an SUV forced to swerve and almost crash and he slams on the break having me smack my had head first in to one of the poles on the bus. I think there needs to be like a bus driver re-hab. They seem to really need it.

--Too Much Thought

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I've been looking around and I always see those questionaires people fill out on a daily basis. [If you remember the days of Nexopia you'll understand.] And thanks to my girlfriend and her sister, they keep me up on that "Ten For Tuesday" from whatever blog does that. [I'd go look and link but I'm too lazy.] Not only that, but bloggers around the world and everyone on facebook decided to do a only thirty days album for pictures about their day or whatever the description was for that day. "Post a picture of your favourite past time." Or "Post a picture of your favourite television show." And I always wondered where people got the ideas for this. So instead of looking up origins of these little trends, I decided to come up with my own concept and maybe it can turn in to its own little trend! [We'll say its inspired by all those other fabulous blogs and trends out there. We gotta start somewhere don't we?] We'll call it 30 Questions In 30 Days. I'll explain the rules.

Each day we are asked dozens of questions from people we know [or oddly enough, people we don't.], or we're asked a question by a very quizative sign on the bus or bus stop. Maybe we're reading a good book and you'll see a question from mother to daughter, lover to lover. [It really depends what you like to read.] They can be the most complex questions of the universe, or as simple as "what's up?". And once they start, they never stop. So I'm taking the time [and maybe you will too] to utilize that first question of every day. Heres what you do.

Take the first question of your day, [This is easy for the first day, it gets harder as you go along from day to day] remember it, write it down, do something with it. And whenever you get the chance, answer it! But remember, it has to be the first question of the day. You don't get to choose. Your ears and eyes do. Sounds simple right? Well for now, it should. But heres the thing. They can only be answered once. So if the first question of day one is "Whats up?", any form of that [like 'sup' or 'wazzup!'] is out of our question category. So lets hope thats not the first question of all thirty days because it can only be answered once, in which you have to remember the second question of that day which can be a little more tricky. [Thats why I said write them down. Oh how Notepad on my phone comes in so much more handy.] Now the fun of this, is how you answer it.

You can answer the question normally. "How are you doing?" "Oh just peachy." OR, you can have some fun with it. "How are you doing?" "Well, you see...." and so on and so forth. And basically, thats it. Its fast, its simple. And it can start off a blog, end a blog, be put in the middle or be turned in to an entire entry in its self. I really hope this catches on. I'd love to see how interesting some people get. And since this is my start, I guess I'll throw out my question...


Question: Who am I?
Answer: I read this on my way to work on the Church Sign they have at Churches that invite the religious and non-religious folk to whatever meeting or gathering is happening today on my way to work. This Church always puts up interesting quotes and puns and stuff to interest us non-believers. Its funny sometimes and I get a cheap chuckle, but past that I don't usually read too much in to it. But since today is the day I start my little experiment, I figure this would be most appropriate. Who am I? Well I'll tell you who I'm not. I am not a person who sugar coats things. I am not closed minded but I don't have time to listen to opinions that I have no interest in listening to. I am not a poser and I don't hide my feelings like a lot of people do. I am blunt, and full of opinions that, whether you like it or not, you will hear regardless if I'm apart of the subject or discussion or not. I do care whether people believe it or not and when I don't care, I let you know up front. I respect those who deserve respect and am respected when I deserve it. I think of the impossible and attempt to achieve it. Sometimes I fail and I do give up and quit. But the times I need to succeed I do and I do it with pride. I love to be loved and love to love. I like hugs and rainbows and all those natural things. I may not believe in God but I do attempt to find guidance in Him when I am lost and can not find my way. I love to argue because arguing brings out the better in some people. I can be defeated but I can conquer what needs to be conquered and be victorious when I need to be victorious. I love my sleep and peace but being active is always nice too. I am a fanatic of the sun and all its wonders and hate when winter appears out of the blue. I can be a piss off when I want to and I can find entertainment in others misery. I can be an asshole when I want to be or I can be the most amazing person you ever met. I'm so full of insite and curiosity really does kill the cat but I'll be damned if I don't figure something out. I love animals and hate children. Sure, I can't blame the children for their irrational behaviour if they were never taught properly but the child is the reflection of the parents and if I hate your kid, you better know damn well I hate you too. I don't always follow the rules but I do play by them. I have a problem with athourity and that probably explains why I've been suspended so many times when I went to grade school. I am a hard worker when I want to be, the only problem is I like being lazy more. Thats why people are always so shocked when I end up working harder then they assumed I would. I hate watching sports but I love playing them. I have a love hate relationship with my family. I love when we're together as a family. But individually, we usually have our differences. But all in all, I'm a normal human being. I'm a Canadian. And most importantly, I'm a small town boy. I am Daniel W. But you can call me Too Much Thought.

--Too Much Thought

Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah, thats me. For those of you who don't have Twitter or me on Facebook wouldn't know which is not much of a rarity, but it will be for this blog. I'm not very photogenic unless I spruce myself up a bit before hand. That's me being spruced up no doubt. Also, thats my newest t-shirt of one of my newest favourite shows. For those of you who are the hermits of the world I refer to in my blogs, thats Sheldon Cooper or also known as Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jim Parsons [both being for portraying this role.] of the hit show Big Bang Theory. Of course, this entry doesn't run around just myself or the hilarity of the Big Bang Theory. Actually, its another post about my childhood [shock right?] This post is roughly about my love of old cartoons and family shows and my tolerance of the sitcoms we have now a days.

Warning: This is the first of many posts like this. I hate television today, but I do find some things that find its way to slip through the cracks and actually catch my interest.

Lets start with the things like the Big Bang Theory. Now a days, I don't watch anything on television unless it is remotely hilarious. Anything dramatic like The Young and the Hopeless I can not stand. But if you can keep the jokes flowing like Two and a Half Men or Mike and Molly, you better stay on for a few seasons because I plan on watching you on those winter holidays when I can't go out because of the minus thirty weather that is sure to come. But beyond comedy, I can't stand to watch television whats so ever. I mean, there are so many bad shows out there like Gilmore Girls or The OC or even stupid reality shows that involve children from Jersey or pregnant hookers in high school. [Well actually, lets go back a second. There are some reality shows, like on the A&E reality series like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beyond Scared Straight and Storage Wars. Check them out. Serious stuff.] Do I feel like watching that stuff when I'm sitting at home bored? Well look back at the start of this paragraph for a second and you tell me. Anything but "no", you are incorrect.

You know what I feel like watching? Not iCarly or Rollbots, thats for sure. I feel like watching Boy Meets World, 8 Simple Rules [which is on way too late! I have to work at seven in the morning, I can't stay up that late to watch it. I guess I'll get the woman to PVR it maybe.] or even Rugrats! [I seriously gotta find my Nick channel. Stupid Shaw Cable.] The only way I currently get any fix to eat at my nostalgia is when I watch the Nick channel at my girlfriend's place late at night, or watch Friends, or really old episodes of The Simpsons or even Family Guy when I get the chance! Nothing, and I do mean nothing can beat those days of waking up Saturday morning, getting a bowl of Fruit Loops, and turning on the tube to catch some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugrats, Doug, Pepper-Ann, hell I would most definitely settle for just one episode of Dexter's Laboratory or Uh-Oh! [Punisher, control!]  I really need to ask the producers and writers of new children's television cartoons, and I absolutely must write a letter to my government inquiring why, [and I mean absolute must!] they decided to fix whats not broken! I seriously hope one day they decide to get their head out of their asses, take a little time to read the play book of the greatest times of cartoon history [well, besides Betty Boop or Felix the Cat... come on!] made from the 90's era and start making something we can enjoy all over again! [Maybe a little Bonkers?] More Reptar people! More Reptar! Now, lets do what we do every night Pinky, and try to take OVER THE WORLD!

--Too Much Thought


Board games, many of our favourite past times. This was the stuff you could do almost anywhere at anytime with anyone. You can literally go up to your grandmother and simply ask to play this and it was almost an automatic yes. You can sit there, in the blazing hot sun with your friends, at a park and just pop out a board game and it was almost guaranteed they would immediately be down to play. Of course, I only say park because back in the day before I moved to the city I used to live literally an alley-way from a park so we could do almost anything that didn't require electricty [beyond battery powered anyways]. The only condition was don't lose the pieces because well, when you lose even one piece of a game that is required you're hooped for life. Due to our habit of losing things even in our own home, we weren't able to always get access clearance to go the park with a board game but we did find other things to do which is always good.

Now I'm a kid who has played an insane amount of board games, or games in general. Chess, checkers, dominos, monopoly, stratego, risk. The list is endless. My dad was a pretty big board game enthusiast. Although, playing board games wasn't usually his idea, but he did have fun and he'd usually kick our sorry little butts. But the thing is he played. Which back then, in the decade of 1990's, parents weren't children enthusiasts. I mean, they always sent the kids in to the basement or to the park or outside in general to get rid of us. To teach us and show us the real world. For us to learn to do things on our own and advance our minds. That and they wanted the television all to themselves. But now a days? That's all parents want to do. I mean, back from where I come from, it was abnormal for any child to be friends with and hang out at home with their family. You had to have had no friends to do so or it had to be winter which makes the entire world go in to hibernation. Now, because parents have become so paranoid on whats going on out in the world, they won't even let their kids step two feet out the door without holding their hand. I have to ask, what happened?

What happened to going over to people's houses without asking, but mere telling. Phoning your parents from your friend's house to tell them you won't be coming home because you're hanging out, and that was the best way to do it because parents couldn't say no since you're already there! What happened to spontaneously going over to your friend's house, knocking on the door, asking for them and all of you just hanging out at a park or some parking lot or something? I mean, due to such a high rate of Amber Alerts, Child Pornography raids and so on, everything has gotten everyone paranoid it could happen to their children. Well not could. Paranoia messes with your mind saying it will happen. And that produces everything to be in what is called a "play-date" where the kid's parents phone each other and arrange a date in which the children can hang out. How weak is that?

I mean, the people and our government complain today about the stupidity of children, how obese they are and how vulnerable they are. And they all point fingers around at each other but can never point the fingers at the person they should truly point them at; themselves. Like honestly. I'm not fat. Why? Because I actually went outside and played when I wanted to and I had to. I never had to ask anyone to do something fun [considering it didn't harm anyone or myself, ect.] I could go out to the park with my friends and all I had to say was "I'll be back by dinner time." Not this "Oh well whats Johnny's phone number, I would like to speak to his mother, maybe we can set something up for Tuesday!" Guess what mom. I'm 10, and I want to play now. Not Tuesday! I'm not stupid. Why? Because I never had the option until highschool to use a calcuator for math, the option to opt things out due to religious beliefs or even difficulty in science or social studies. Hell, I barely had access to a computer for english. Everything was hand written. Just the way it is meant to be. But now, calculators are mandatory, a questionaire is needed to be filled out about the curriculam in which you get to basically choose what you want to study [oh gee, I'm a kid and I want to do nothing but eat, play and piss myself... I think NOTHING!] and I've just been updated, as of grade four... FOUR people, are you listening? As of grade four, laptops are becoming mandatory. That just adds to the problem of the lack of intellegence in our society today! And that has GOT to add to our obesity problem.

So while people are freaking out, my family is going to remain sane. My sister has declared as provider of her child, she will not be signing the waiver for the laptop rule for next year at her child's school and they can deal with hand-written work. Whenever I bare children, they will also follow the rules of back how I was raised; right. They will love to go outside and be with what nature intended. They will hand write everything and add everything using their brain [or how I did and still do it. Fingers people.] And they will learn whatever the teacher has in their daily planner. Even if it's something that disproves God, he or she will be completely open minded and eventually learn to make decisions for themselves! And maybe, just maybe, it can rub off on some other children. And maybe, just maybe, they'll go outside and play a nice board game like Monopoly [or RISK, still being my favourite of all time!] in the hot sun at the local park unsupervised [because I should be able to trust my neighbourhood or else I wouldn't live there], and enjoy every moment they have because lets face it, you only live once!

--Too Much Thought
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