Thursday, February 17, 2011



Question: What do you want to do?
Answer: I'm pretty sure its obvious isn't it?

I know I bag on gaming now a days and for good reason. But recently I've started playing Zombies a lot more often than not. I'm pretty addicted to it. And its for another good reason. I mean, especially with a new head set, it makes everything easier than trying to run around and have everyone be a total asshole by opening doors and having waves of Zombies come in the doors for no good reason besides troll and piss people off. As much as I respect a good troll, when I'm actually trying to play, you can actually try to piss off.

Now I know I say these games are completely easy to the lifeless but to the people such as myself, this games actually gets pretty difficult. But thanks to playing so much, I'm pretty much the best of the worst. Now I say that with a little bit of exaggeration. But beyond that its pretty much it. I'll join games where people have been through 30 waves of Zombies and I'll join games where my 12 waves of Zombies tops them all. I kind of feel like a champion in the latter games, but I know that most of the time I'm being carried by the greater guys. I don't mind though, as long as I start taking out Zombies myself and contribute, they don't mind either.

All in all, even if this game is for the truly lifeless who find a glitch in every room or even if it will be just another out-dated game due to the fact that Call of Duty games come out every year around Rememberance Day and anyone who reads this knows someone who already has it which means they don't need to buy it themselves, its a great game no matter how much I like other games better. I'm slowly getting addicited and when another one comes out, I'm going to be saddened that I need to get better at that one next. Oh well, soon enough I'll be slaying Zombies again.

-- Too Much Thought

[PS. Here is the fifth thank you to my readers. Blair's Girls is the latest reader or follower rather, and I'm glad to have her. I know she was sent here by either Craving The Cupcakes or PlayPen-Jessi, but either way, glad to have her. Hope you like what you read!]

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