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Question: Are you gonna write day three?
Answer: Its already done. Well when I was asked this question, I was in the midst of doing it. The day three question post anyways. And to this day so far, that was my shortest post. But thats because I ran out of ideas to post about which is kind of sad but I was writing at midnight after getting up earlier then normal in the morning and working out at a class at my gym called Zumba. [Which is harder then it sounds.] So forgive me for not having Too Much Thought, but hey, my girlfriend over at playpen-jessi worked it out pretty well for me so all is well.

But the picture above is what this is more or less about. In my last post, I had basically given away my inspiration for this post. Sleep and a whole lot of gaming. Mainly Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for the day, but hey gaming is gaming. But [not to be rude] I bet many of you won't have a clue what game I'm referencing above unless you yourself love gaming like myself. [If you're female and are a gaming widow like my friend at cravingthecupcakes or just not a gamer, then get your boyfriend or a friend to look at it. Go on. I'll wait.. BAZINGA! I'm not waiting, too bad.] Its a little game that some of my friends don't even remember playing or have never played before [which shocks me.] called "Zombies Ate My Neighbours" which has to be one of my all time favourite games. I mean it has everything. Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Giant babies killing things, popcicles... wait what? That's right. A giant baby [seen above] that has no trouble smooshing you in to a pancake while you attempt to rescue civilians from also being smooshed, or eaten as well as a multitude of other things. Like you're starting pistol being nothing but plastic and water. A popcicle as some sort of defense mechanism and magic potions that turn you in to one of them [momentarily while you tear shit up!] in order to get around to exit as fast as possible. Now you tell me what game can possibly match up to this!

Of course, a lot of children today would look at this and scoff. People now a days, whether they have just started gaming, are too young to remember anything actually good or just plain don't care all base games by the looks. Honestly. The games have reached the point of everything needing to look good and not be good. From what I heard, Black Ops and games like such are so short in storyline but "oh wow, the graphics are amazing!". So? The dogs look like dogs, the people look like people and the blood splatter is a bit more realistic. Lets go to Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Vampires you knew were vampires. Werewolves were werewolves. It wasn't hard and it really didn't matter because this game couldn't be beat in a mere two days. This game was 55 levels of intense rescuing and killing. Take a look at Ghost and Goblins. The worst graphics I have seen in a while, yet you knew what Ghosts and Goblins looked like no problem. This wasn't another game you could beat in two days and infact, it took you double the time to beat it just once. Why? Because you had to beat it twice.

Yes a game you actually had to beat twice. That's unheard of today. Its not unheard of to beat it on easy and then shoot right up to expert because the person playing has no life. But its unheard of to have a game with no levels besides "just play and get your ass kicked" and once you beat it, guess what? Spoiler alert, but what you just played was a mirage level and now you have to start from the beginning. Ouch right? But hey, its a challenge and provides hours and days and [for some] even weeks of entertainment.. among other things like frustration and anger, but with the children today all being diagnosed with A.D.D and other attention problems they all get mad at Call of Duty for being too hard and frustrating sometimes. Put this game in front of them and say good-bye to your television, remote controls and whatever little Johnny can get his hands on because he will be so frustrated he will break shit. Guaranteed.

I don't know about you or me but when I get the chance I"m hitting every pawn store I can to try and buy an Atari, NES. SNES [thats Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System for those of you who we're still shitting themselves while I was busy playing them and have no idea where their "Wii" derived from.] as well as a Playstation and a Nintendo 64 for a little bit of advanced [yet still hard gaming] graphics past simple blips and flashes on the screen. Maybe its just me, but it does bother me to have something flashy but doesn't provide more than an hour of entertainment for me. Oh well, I guess gaming is gaming. Which reminds me, I still have Zombies open. That's all for now.

--Too Much Thought

[PS. My friend Izel I talked about before is now on Twitter. I know right? Hilarity on ice. So go ahead and follow her. Don't mind the random posts she comes up with though. Just sit back and laugh. DaddyPartyBalls.]

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  1. I have actually enjoyed watching you play your Zombie games. They are pretty addicting =/