Monday, February 21, 2011



Question: Did Adam go home?
Answer: I have no idea. I just woke up and I passed out during Not Another Teen Movie. You're supposed to tell me.

But seriously. Do you know what I love? Movies from the late 80's to the early 90's and even a few new millenium ones. Like the above, the Breakfast Club. I want to say its one of my all time favourite movies, but I can pretty much say that about any of my favourite movies. I mean honestly, these movies are the greatest. They actually have a plot one can follow, they don't need too much "action" to keep you interested and it actually tells a pretty lengthy tale with a message in the end. What movie can you say does that now a days?

I can only name a few that does it in today's standards of movies. The Social Network, Buried... my list is very short. But what about mind blowing, thought catching movies of the early 90's? The Breakfast Club, the Mighty Ducks series, the Back to the Future series, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Buellers Day Off, even the House Party series were more entertaining than the crap on today's televisions. Why? Simple, they didn't have a series of loose ends that they needed to find a way to cover up and fast. The Breakfast Club was just about five teenagers, six people all together with life problems that they talk about and need to over-come. Aswell as the plot point, they feel the need to break some rules, running around the entire school causing havoc for the principal and the employees working after hours on a weekend. There was no need for explosions. There was no need for mindless, gross-out comedy. It was simple and it was fantastic.

Now I say this with a half open mind about movies today. I do love gross out, stoner comedies and for good reason. I love what goes through the mind of Seth Rogen and any of the Broken Lizard orJackass groups. Its sick and twisted and I always get the cheap, whole hearted laugh out of each one of them that they fully intended. But if someone came up to me with two movies, one being Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the other 40 Year Old Virgin, Ferris Bueller wins it every time. Well... maybe. Atleast nine times out of ten.

All I know is if I had the chance. I would watch all of these movies and more for the rest of my life and it wouldn't bother me one bit. Actually... that gives me an idea. I'm going to start watching movies I love, miss and enjoy. Its going to be in a list and its going to have its own tab. Look for it up top there. And if you ever feel the need, comment on this post and others with ideas. I think I'm going to start reviewing them. Ah just another lovely idea coming from my brain. All golden.

-- Too Much Thought

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