Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Question: How is everything so far?
Answer: Simple answer. Bazinga. You are no match for my quick wit. This morning I had woken up late for work, fed my hampster before I left, realized I forgot to change her water, filled up her dish, spilled it all over her food. Had to change food. Choose between which salad I wanted to take for work, ended up with the one I didn't want. Forgot to pack a drink, had to waist two bucks. Got to work a half hour late, couldn't find my uniform. Found my uniform, realized my trays weren't washed. Had to wash trays before changing. And finally, after I got myself out of one giant fustercluck, getting my donuts started a half hour later than they should be, my manager shows up to work and has the audacity to ask me how things are. Just peachy sir.

But seriously. I hate my job. Remember when you were a kid and money was no option for you? Sure maybe two or three dollars for some soda and a bag of chips from the 7-11 only two blocks away, but beyond that you didn't have to work. You just had to go to school, get an education and most importantly, be a kid. But now I've grown up and realize how much I cherish those memories I have of being a youngster. I'm only eighteen yeah, but I'm an adult in the province of Alberta which means I can call me at age ten a youngster. I mean, I miss going to the park, hanging out in my basement without a care in the world because I had two working parents who basically handed things to me [monetarily speaking] until about the age of fifteen when I got my first job and stopped asking my parents for money all together.

Like a typical person, I do hate my job though. I mean, by typical, I'm just an average person, with average ambitions who never went to university for any type of career and now I'm working a 9-5 job. I know many people who hate their job as well. So its not like I'm the only one running in this circle. Other people feel what I feel and that is to just want to collect money and not have to work for it. But those wants and needs go to people who truly deserve it [or have the capability to cheat the government] and I wouldn't take that away from them. So unlike those people who love their career because its like a dream come true, or those who stumbled upon it on accident because they lacked the sense in any other career, I hate my job but like those people who feel what I feel about their dead end job, they know the value of a dollar and they try to earn it any way they can because they lack the creative skills to go in any other field of work.

Now you might ask me why I hate my job, or what I even do. Look above. I'm a donut fryer. According to my position I'm actually a bench-hand which means I do what the baker wants me to do when they want me to do even if that means I have to spin on my head and spit water. But really, I make donuts, prepare the next days bagels and danish and other various baked goods and go home. I'm a donut bitch basically. Its kind of sad really, but at the time when I got offered the job, I was in desparate need of some cash flow. I had handed out resume after resume and got no where so when my brother in-law asked me flat out if I wanted a job, I jumped at the opportunity. I kind of regret it now, but until I find my true calling, I'm stuck with this. Oh well, it could be worse. I could castrorate sheep with my teeth or something like that guy from the show Dirty Jobs. God damn that is a dirty job though.

But I guess I can ask you, for those who are listening. What do you do? Do you hate your job like me and the other half of this nation built on money and inflation rates? Or are you completely in-love and total bliss with what you do?

--Too Much Thought

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