Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well here it is. The start of a whole new concept in my life. I've talked on camera about unimportant subjects in my life even with the fear of my own voice already, why not write those thoughts down although they may be unimportant. Even now, I have no idea what I can even begin to type about, but maybe as time goes on, the awkward feeling of writing something that may or may not be read by the viewing public may go away. For now, I think of a reason to be writing this. As I write, I've even answered that question.

This feels more appropriate than sitting on facebook or twitter, constantly updating my status to lyrics that nobody really cares about, but I do it for a cheap "like" here and there. This feels more like a setting to talk about stuff nobody really cares about, but will go to it for an interesting read rather than a note I post on my facebook profile where someone like my mother or father, aunts or uncles can read and disapprove of my inner-most thoughts. I suppose I also feel more comfortable because here, I don't have to rely on a "like" to know I'm being heard. Here, I can just write. If someone reads it, then so be it. Here, I don't have to care.

But I suppose, if you are reading out there, I guess I need to give you a thank you in advanced. And I should also apologize in advanced, especially if I get boring along the way, but I assure you some things may just be exciting. I mean, blogs are meant to be thought provoking. But I figure, this could be one of those places, as well, as a place to document my every-day life beyond the 140 characters of twitter and facebook you get to tell the world. As a very good friend of mine had told me;
"You need to document your life. Its so amazing."
I guess you can chalk that up as another reason to being writing this. So in retrospect, here are the reasons I am here with you now:

No Family to Disapprove
No Feeling the Need for Everyone to Press the Like Button
A Place to Document My Life

I guess that's a good start to a new concept of my life don't you think? As well as documenting my every day happenings [which on days like these when nothing happens, I may just tell a story that has happened to me once upon a time] I may do days where I can just quote people. Mainly friends. Currently the only two who may be featured on this blog are two of my good friends named Izel and Derek. I must say, when I get around to those two with the things they say, this blog will be all the more worth while reading. But for now, it's 11:21 pm where I am. I have work tomorrow at 7:00 am, and need to be up at 5:00 am just to be able to get to work. Yes, 5 1/2 hours of sleep. A gift any boy could want. Good night world.

--Too Much Thought