Monday, March 14, 2011



Question: You know you're doing cake donuts today right?
Answer: Wanna make a bet?


Question: Are you ready for more cake donuts?
Answer: Really? Second day in a row? I know I'm good at what I do, but come on people. I hate making cake donuts. Its really one of the biggest bothers of my job. That and topping the cheese bagels.


Question: Hey wanna play the new map of zombies?
Answer: You actually bought it? Thanks for wasting fifteen bucks on my behalf. Appreciate it.

Question: Are you still up?
Answer: We'll play on the weekend.

And you know what my brother does? Doesn't come on all weekend! Oh well. Atleast I've got enough practice to carry his ass through that level! Anyways. The picture above describes this post in all its glory. Now I know what you're thinking. "Didn't you already do a blog about meat?" I have a simple answer to that. Yes I did. But it went in to why I love meat and why I hate vegans. Nothing about strictly the facts of why I like meat and why everyone should eat it. I know it goes against some people's morals but you honestly don't believe you can survive on leafy greens and carrots do you? Even some vegans know that which is why they convert to something known as a "Part-Vegetarian." I thought it was a weird concept too but there are people out there with the thought process of a sane person, living like an insane one. I believe [I haven't done my research, this is just strictly word of mouth] that once a month for about three days, a part-vegetarian, although hates the thought of consuming animals, knows his or her body can not survive on just vegetables alone. I'm not saying its completely impossible. Its not as if your stomach will consume itself from starvation. But lets be real, there are some vitamins and proteins you can't get from stuffing your face with a giant mushroom. So for these three days to about a week out of a month [kind of like a menstrual cycle if you will] these people binge out on meat, gathering up their vitamins and minerals they need essentially and after the feast, they go back to living their "healthy" life styles. Again, odd concept I know, but not all vegetarians and vegans are completely in to that nonsense!

But enough about them. What I kind of wanted to get out is why we need meat, why we eat meat and why I love it so damn much! as the above paragraph explained, it gives you some many rich nutrients and vitamins from each little bite its insane. Thats why doctors recommend it, most of the time anyways. Sure they tell people to stay away from the fatty parts of the meat, or stay away from those red meats, but beyond that its never "don't eat meat!". If my doctor told me that, guess what? I'd go find a new fucking doctor because that one is clearly clinically insane. But in all honesty you do get certain things from it. Thats why nutrionists still have it apart of out "food groups" cycle. Honestly, its meat, meat by products or even meat substitutions weren't good for us to consume, even for the tiniest bit, the government would have stepped in already and put a ban on in it as much as they do cigerettes. [Lets face it. They need money and meat is a sale that will never go away.]

Now moving on to probably my only real argument to settle this discretion between us carnivorus omnivours and those destatingly consisten herbivores. Its a little something called the food chain. Now I know many of you have heard of this thing of beauty and I know many of you don't believe in it. But there are still some people out there who lack the knowledge of the food chain so lets go over it shall we? A food chain is a chain, in order from top to bottom the most dominant to the most inferior, which concludes what animals prey on what, which one has a bigger appetite and quite frankly deserves to be as high as they are. Now you're probably wondering, whos on top of this food chain? I'm glad you asked. One word; humans. Us humans are at the top of the chain and for good reason. Hand to hand combat against a bear or a mountain lion, we lose that battle most of the time. Something a little less than eighty percent but substantially higher than no percentage. But thats only hand combat, which means we humans would end up finding a rock or a stick and end up trying to end that battle. But thank god for evolution right? Evolution, being animals starting with microbes, working its way to fish, monkeys and eventually us, has given us the knowledge and skill to learn from mistakes like hand to hand combat with a bear. So what does that mean? That means we have the ability to create things like guns that help protect us meaning that eighty percentage we were losing, turns in to almost a hundred percent of winning.Thats the lovely thing about the food chain. We're on top because of our advanced skills against the lions and tigers and bears.. OH MY!

Now I know that sounds a little harsh. It is and thats the point. Because the world is a harsh place. We have advanced skills over every other animal and in instinct, it is our right to kill those who are inferior to us. Why? Due to the food chain, the natural one with unwritten rules of code, there are no vegan animals. All animals are almost naturally carnivorous. [I say this with extreme caution because there are herbivores still out there today, but a lot of them are still turning in to the lovely section of omnivour!] So that means when a bear gets hungry, its going to go out, eat some berries for an appetizer and then go kill a rabbit for dinner. Why? Natural selection and the natural food chain that says "I"m bigger and more advanced than that animal, I get to kill it." And its true. I mean, just because you're a good person who doesn't kill anything as live stock, eat right and stay as healthy as you can, doesn't mean if you came face to face with a bear, it wouldn't swipe you in half with its claws because you smell like a bad cabbage roll. Infact, because you smell like that, it'll swipe at you and leave you after that because it would assume you were already dead.

In the end thats why I eat meat and believe we should all eat it. Why? Because you want to talk organic measures, plants are the future, cows are not yet the true organic nature is inside you. Its that instinct inside you that says "that pig would make excellent bacon. KILL!" And vegans can't say they don't have that feeling inside them. They just control it better than you or I. And that my friend, that is whats really unnatural.

--Too Much Thought

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Question: Did you face-time Aaron yet?
Answer: Asshole didn't answer the first three times I called him. Something about getting busted by the police for drifting. I miss that kid.


Question: What should I do?
Answer: Cut them a sizeable piece of pie and let them share it.


Question: Did you still want to watch a movie?
Answer: The kid is up and my movie choice is inappropriate. Dammit!

You'd think with the picture above, Associated Cab right here in Calgary would be simple to get right? WRONG. A couple days ago, the girlfriend and I had decided we were going to make dinner but lo' and behold we lacked the certain ingredients. So we headed off to Safeway in the blistering cold to go get them, luckily it was only down the hill. The problem was, we were both so cold we didn't want to walk back up that hill so after our shopping adventure we decided we were going to take a cab home. 

Now here in Calgary, Associated has one rights to all certain stops when it comes down to the cab companies waiting. I mean, we as citizens and entrepeneurs who feel the need to pursue the dream in cabbing have the right to call or own a cab stand, but when it comes to waiting for fares at the Airport or Bus stations or grocery stores with "Curtosey Phones", Associated won legal rights all over Calgary, unless of course, requested by a partant otherwise. Now why would they win? You would think in this legal battle, something along the lines of "higher technology" in their cars and a "higher request rate" and "fast cab times" would have come up right? Well atleast, I thought so. And again, you would be wrong. Every Associated Cab I have ever taken never has the "Interac" technology, anytime I call, I get them BEFORE I ever get a cab company I actually want, and yet on this particular night, their "second in line" gets to wait an entire hour before they get a cab!

Now I guess I can't complain. In the end, I can continue to prove my favourite cab company Yellow Checker Cab is the much superior company, regardless of how long it takes to get connected to their service. When they say fifteen minutes, you get it in fifteen minutes UNLESS of course wait times are long. Why would they be long? Superiorty is key isn't it? Exactly. As much as I hate Associated, I'm glad they have the rights to certain places in the city. Why? That means I never have to call them because I know I'm not high on their priority list since I'm not at a bus station or airport. Know who does care? Yellow Checker Cab. But please, don't call them. I need to get a way some how and since I don't drive, I don't need you people taking up my wait time!

--Too Much Thought

Thursday, March 3, 2011



Question: Why can't we be friends?
Answer: Because you smell.


Question: What the hell is wrong with this world?
Answer: Do you really want me to answer that?


Question: What do you think your time will be?
Answer: I couldn't answer that. Considering that team only had to finish, not beat a specific time and they still lost.

So if you haven't gathered by now, I live in Calgary. Its an alright place, I wouldn't care to die here but currently I have no choice. I'm not saying its terrible here, but I'm a small town boy really. I like the places where everybody knows everybody like back in the small town I used to live in. I was pretty much famous among such a small group of people. Whether it was for good things or bad choices is something thats discussable but the fact is I had a name. I was a somebody. Here? I'm just one in a million.  But thats not what this is about. This is about something a little more.

Restaurants. We all go to them and we all know of one little restaurant or cafe that should probably be a chain because its so good at making the food it does, but you're glad it isn't because well, lets face it. When a big corporation gets bigger, they bring little heart to their food and it essentially ruins the establishment. We don't want that. The only problem is the fact that when it isn't something big like a McDonalds or a Starbucks, it usually gets choked out by competition. Regardless of how amazing the food is or the coffee tastes, it eventually is no match for something much bigger, much more expensive and something substantially less tasteful. Lets take my small town for example. Theres a small chinese canadian restaurant called the Pine Cafe. It is full of canadian food like hamburgers and chicken and veal and what not that we are all used to and love. But it also has some chinese choices as well as an entire smorgesborge of food from both countries. Its been there for since I could remember and quite frankly, I believe its not going anywhere for a good ammount of time still. But what does this have to do with anything?

Here in Calgary, there are tons of great places to eat. Or atleast were. Essentially when it comes down to it, Chinese food is the "in" thing among people and we all know of places where to get, or you used to get great chinese food until ownership changed hands or the place was just sold. The problem is now in Calgary, you can't get good chinese food anywhere, unless you go out of your way to get it. Everywhere you turn, that mexican restaurant, that hotdog place, that chinese place that used to be there that you loved so much, has turned in to a Vietamanese place. Now why does this bother me? I am going to be so bold here to say I have never eaten Vietamanese food and not really for good reason past I have never had the "craving". And now? Its coming down to I have no other choice in this city but to accept it and eat it. Why does it bother me? I like variety. I like indian food, chinese food, mexican food when I'm in the mood for that stuff. Now, you can't get that stuff. You have to settle for stuff from Vietnam. How is that good for anyone?

I'm not bad mouthing the Vietmanese people in any way, don't get me wrong. What I'm saying is maybe we need to stand up for variety? How many Ukrainian places do you know of in this city? I know two maybe at that. We need some new flavours in this city. I wonder if I can start a petition? I'll get back to you on that.

--Too Much Thought

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Question: Were you late at all?
Answer: Yes, I was late and went home and never told you. Are you crazy? I'm at work mother, I don't need to tell you everything in my life do I?


Question: Are you done yet?
Answer: One more game.


Question: Are you still at my place?
Answer: Yes, yes I am. Well... not anymore. But I was. I assure you. Holy shit, ten more days and then I won't "have" to blog everyday! But I shall keep you guys updated, don't worry about that. Still tweeting like everyday. So thats better than nothing.

Now for those of you who know me, I am an avid meat eater. Lately, I've been going to the gym to work off that extra poundage and gain some extra muscle, rather than being skinny and fat filled. But all of my life, regardless of being in shape or not, I've always heard how unhealthy meat is. I've always heard how I need to eat salads, fruits and vegetables and all that good stuff. No fatty foods, or sugar or this or that. Of course, some of this is true and I know it. I do eat salad when I feel the need and [regardless to popular belief] I do love fruits. Watermelon, grapes, strawberries, bananas, kiwis. All of them. Maybe a little bit of sugar, but if not they're still good! And of course, I still hear the end of everything because my family doesn't believe I attempt to eat healthily. 

Now this could be done for a variety of reasons. I used to have a small addiction to soda. I never really touched the fruit as a child in our fridge thus they usually always went bad. [Except those little Christmas Tangerines. I love those!] Or maybe its cause I can eat a pound of bacon in one sitting. I don't know, I'm not a doctor. But seriously. The whole bacon situation isn't healthy and I know that, but its not as if I eat bacon everyday and its not as if I eat it so often, a pound is bad for me. I only eat the pound of bacon at my sister's place and thats only usually when I sleep over there and she buys it for me to make for myself for breakfast. Its not a healthy habit, but its still like... a small treat for myself! And we're all allowed to have our small treats aren't we? Our guilty pleasures? The things that go straight to our thighs and yet we don't care because we love it so much! So there is no judging me. Well... okay you can judge a little. I'm pretty sure a chocolate peanut butter cupcake isn't as bad as a pound of bacon. But the category that they're in, you can't judge on those basis. Moving on.

I'm a meat-a-tarian. I love meat and I hate hearing about how bad it is for me. Now this isn't exactly always personal people in my life telling me how bad it is, but theres always those damned vegetarians somewhere, telling me how bad meat is, how you get nothing essential from it, how it hurts the animals and you should just eat greens and be a good boy and girl! The only problem is, you get tons of nutrients and vitamins from meat [I know you get more bad stuff from that pound of bacon but hey, I can't help it!] and without domesticating and slaughtering animals, they would be over-populated and quite frankly, eat each other. So if they are going to use their tribal instincts to eat each other, why can't we, and use more than primal intellegence to do it? its cheating the animal kingdom sure, but thats why we're on top!

So next time you come up to me, telling me how I should live my life, change my eating habits and all that jazz, I'm going to remind you how good meat tastes and how horrible your iron and vitamin pills taste and we'll see who wins the arguement because in the end, both of those things are doing the same thing, one is just more enjoyable than the other. I'll take that hamburger now please, and please, skip the salad.

--Too Much Thought

[PS. To those who lack the knowledge of the above photo, its something called an Animal Burger only at your local A&W. Check it out sometime!]