Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I've been looking around and I always see those questionaires people fill out on a daily basis. [If you remember the days of Nexopia you'll understand.] And thanks to my girlfriend and her sister, they keep me up on that "Ten For Tuesday" from whatever blog does that. [I'd go look and link but I'm too lazy.] Not only that, but bloggers around the world and everyone on facebook decided to do a only thirty days album for pictures about their day or whatever the description was for that day. "Post a picture of your favourite past time." Or "Post a picture of your favourite television show." And I always wondered where people got the ideas for this. So instead of looking up origins of these little trends, I decided to come up with my own concept and maybe it can turn in to its own little trend! [We'll say its inspired by all those other fabulous blogs and trends out there. We gotta start somewhere don't we?] We'll call it 30 Questions In 30 Days. I'll explain the rules.

Each day we are asked dozens of questions from people we know [or oddly enough, people we don't.], or we're asked a question by a very quizative sign on the bus or bus stop. Maybe we're reading a good book and you'll see a question from mother to daughter, lover to lover. [It really depends what you like to read.] They can be the most complex questions of the universe, or as simple as "what's up?". And once they start, they never stop. So I'm taking the time [and maybe you will too] to utilize that first question of every day. Heres what you do.

Take the first question of your day, [This is easy for the first day, it gets harder as you go along from day to day] remember it, write it down, do something with it. And whenever you get the chance, answer it! But remember, it has to be the first question of the day. You don't get to choose. Your ears and eyes do. Sounds simple right? Well for now, it should. But heres the thing. They can only be answered once. So if the first question of day one is "Whats up?", any form of that [like 'sup' or 'wazzup!'] is out of our question category. So lets hope thats not the first question of all thirty days because it can only be answered once, in which you have to remember the second question of that day which can be a little more tricky. [Thats why I said write them down. Oh how Notepad on my phone comes in so much more handy.] Now the fun of this, is how you answer it.

You can answer the question normally. "How are you doing?" "Oh just peachy." OR, you can have some fun with it. "How are you doing?" "Well, you see...." and so on and so forth. And basically, thats it. Its fast, its simple. And it can start off a blog, end a blog, be put in the middle or be turned in to an entire entry in its self. I really hope this catches on. I'd love to see how interesting some people get. And since this is my start, I guess I'll throw out my question...


Question: Who am I?
Answer: I read this on my way to work on the Church Sign they have at Churches that invite the religious and non-religious folk to whatever meeting or gathering is happening today on my way to work. This Church always puts up interesting quotes and puns and stuff to interest us non-believers. Its funny sometimes and I get a cheap chuckle, but past that I don't usually read too much in to it. But since today is the day I start my little experiment, I figure this would be most appropriate. Who am I? Well I'll tell you who I'm not. I am not a person who sugar coats things. I am not closed minded but I don't have time to listen to opinions that I have no interest in listening to. I am not a poser and I don't hide my feelings like a lot of people do. I am blunt, and full of opinions that, whether you like it or not, you will hear regardless if I'm apart of the subject or discussion or not. I do care whether people believe it or not and when I don't care, I let you know up front. I respect those who deserve respect and am respected when I deserve it. I think of the impossible and attempt to achieve it. Sometimes I fail and I do give up and quit. But the times I need to succeed I do and I do it with pride. I love to be loved and love to love. I like hugs and rainbows and all those natural things. I may not believe in God but I do attempt to find guidance in Him when I am lost and can not find my way. I love to argue because arguing brings out the better in some people. I can be defeated but I can conquer what needs to be conquered and be victorious when I need to be victorious. I love my sleep and peace but being active is always nice too. I am a fanatic of the sun and all its wonders and hate when winter appears out of the blue. I can be a piss off when I want to and I can find entertainment in others misery. I can be an asshole when I want to be or I can be the most amazing person you ever met. I'm so full of insite and curiosity really does kill the cat but I'll be damned if I don't figure something out. I love animals and hate children. Sure, I can't blame the children for their irrational behaviour if they were never taught properly but the child is the reflection of the parents and if I hate your kid, you better know damn well I hate you too. I don't always follow the rules but I do play by them. I have a problem with athourity and that probably explains why I've been suspended so many times when I went to grade school. I am a hard worker when I want to be, the only problem is I like being lazy more. Thats why people are always so shocked when I end up working harder then they assumed I would. I hate watching sports but I love playing them. I have a love hate relationship with my family. I love when we're together as a family. But individually, we usually have our differences. But all in all, I'm a normal human being. I'm a Canadian. And most importantly, I'm a small town boy. I am Daniel W. But you can call me Too Much Thought.

--Too Much Thought

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