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Question: Is it the 24th today?
Answer: It wasn't yesterday, but today it was. All day.

Can you believe it? Half way through the question series already! But thats not what this is about. Today, I couldn't think of a thing to rant about. I've been lacking on real rants lately and for not having a blog that long, its a pretty big deal. If I can't keep up with even myself, how am I supposed to please the public? I mean, during that bloggers meet up the other day, I even heard a very logical point. Some people were discussing the types of blogs made, how the internet is basically your resume and how some people can be so open while others keep themselves closed up so people don't see the bad, but can only document the good for their "families sake" and what not. To those people, I can respect because they do it for the safety of themselves and their childrens lives. But I just can't keep myself closed up. I have an opinion for everything and I have no problem stating that opinion.

But back on topic. The point is I was lacking in my writing and my lengthy blogs that I wanted to do so I went to twitter and asked the people, but mentioned something I didn't want to talk about due to the fact that I wanted to write more than "I hate politics." HughesforYYC [also known as the man I called "homeless looking. There goes my stupid opinions, running rampant again!] challenged me. Instead of just saying I hate politics, he told me to tell us why. I just got suckered in to this because I was told not too long ago that he actually ran for Mayor. [Payback... is... a... bitch.]  But you know what? Lets see if I can and can do it properly. I am sorry if I butcher it improperly.

I hate politics for a variety of reasons, but many of them revolve around todays society. You see, Bush had messed up and at the time he tried to justify it but atleast he messed up and he wouldn't take it back because it was his decision through and through. I respect someone like Bush who helps run our government because he relies on his decision. He makes his own decisions and hopes other people will back him up. He makes decisions for the people because people gave him the power to do so. Now that is politics! That is something I can get in to every day of my life. What about now? Well now, we have a leader in office of America who works with the people, not for them like people wanted him to. So now? Now we have a government who runs rampant, trying to make everyone happy. What pisses me off about this?

You can't make everyone happy. You just can't. I mean, schools run by the government, whether it be of Canada or of America, are trying to make everyone happy, my foster nephew can't even take anything with nuts to school in it! I mean, sure I don't mind if I get fed peanut-butter crackers at my sister's place, but when you can't bring them to school because someone might die by just smelling it? If someone almost dies from my lunch, you know what I tell them? Stay the hell away from my lunch in the first place! What makes matters worse is these kids eat their lunches in the gym. So now he can't bring foods with allergens to school even though you're eating it in a giant room where you could just simply move rather than die? Heres a solution, cut off the gym to a half and half, let them eat what they want for lunch versus what they can eat, then let them go play when everyones done! Oh so simple, but can we take a chance? Of course not. The government won't allow it.

Not only does this bother me. But things like child kidnappings have gotten people so on edge that the government has to take that in to response as well. I was supposed to pick up the little monster from school today and I told my sister to tell him to wait outside. But he can't. Why? They're not allowed to leave the classroom without a parent or guardian coming to pick them up. Really? You're that afraid? Honestly, if you can't trust anyone in your neighbourhood, why are you living in that respective neighbourhood? Why do you even live in that particular city or town if you can't trust anyone? Why even have kids if you can't trust anyone? Become an agoraphobic and live like a hermit because without trust, you can't really live now can you? So why take away life from your kids if you can't teach them to trust one another. It makes no sense and yet we still follow without fighting. We're letting a small collective of people with no sense of direction and trust control our lives and letting our government make decisions based off those people.

I mean, everything has become so racial and religious now a days too. There is no more Merry Christmas. Its "Happy Holidays!" [I know, that one has been used so much its like beating a dead horse.] But thats only the religious perspective. I remember my last few years of school, I actually got smacked across the back of the head by my spanish teacher for "taking the Lord's name in vain." Really? I didn't realize we were in a Catholic School... oh right. It wasn't. But she took offense and may have taken the wrong route but she was a prime example of the set of people who takes offense to everything. If she had her way and ran for politics, finding some way to sleep her way to the top, I bet every school would end up being taught Catholic with no rights to religion and be the new aged Hitler. Woe is me. But again, thats only a small... very small percentage of the religious aspects of the government. Theres also religions going wild out there because one girl was asked to remove her head-piece in soccer by a racial tolerant refferee because it was a safety issue. Look at that, a smart sensible person looking out for the people and he gets bashed and torn apart [verbally thankfully] by the intelligence-lacking people of today because they think hes racist and merely targetting the little girl for her religion. Really? And yet. The government continues to cater to it.

Has anyone watched a good movie lately? Maybe a horror flick? How about something like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer? where the black person [oops, I mean't "African American"] person dies first? How about an African American in any movie? How about the "token" African American? Nope. There are movies out there before all this political bullshit that there is one [being the token] black guy, whether he dies, lives, is the hero, villian it didn't really matter. It was never an issue. I mean yes, there are black people in a lot of movies, but there are a few out there with only one or two and it isn't noticeable until someone points it out to you. I'm surprised the likes of The Social Network didn't get torn to pieces due to the lack of black folk in that movie as well! But why does every movie need a few more black cast members than the usual, and why do black people get entire movies with JUST black people in it? Simple. The government takes comments like "the black people always die first in the horror movies!" way in to the heart. They're afraid riots will ensue due to 'racism' among other things. Come on now. Get a life people!

Maybe ye old England had it right. Maybe Hitler wasn't completely wrong here. I say this to be taken every lightly with a grain of salt. But these people had powers that were enforced to [with intentions, not always the case] help and work for the people. What they said goes and if you argued, too bad. You had an opinion but nobody cared because they were doing what was best for you. Yes, its wrong and feels like it violates peoples rights, but with a mixture of working for the people and with the people could work. Listening to people and working around while still keeping promises and making decisions for yourself is the best answer for the government. Not catering to every person's whim and worry. This is why I hate the government. And this is why I hate politics. With that said, unless we get a smarter canidate to run for office, you won't see me in line to register for voting anytime soon.

--Too Much Thought

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