Thursday, February 10, 2011



Question: Sorry... did you make the bus?
Answer: No. And that day, it was my fault. I went to bed too late and couldn't be bothered to get up for work. But normally, there is an answer to why I miss my buses. Simple. Bus drivers suck.

Now I have never met a bus driver until November of 2010. And of course, I had some of the most interesting discussions with him and he enjoyed telling his stories to my girlfriend and I because his friend's had gotten sick of his stories. We were a good couple of fresh faces and new ears for each other. I listened intently because really, I love listening to both sides of a story before I ever really make a full decision on if I hate something or not. I mean, if I hated convience store clerks, I would atleast want an explanation of why they act the way they do before I finalize my feelings towards all of them. He was the type of guy who made me not hate the position that is being a transit driver so much. But the problem is, I do still hate many of them. And the question is usually why? Well, thats another easy question for me to answer.

A week or two ago, I had thee worst transit days of my life. And before that, even trying to get to school was such a hassle. I don't complain about missing my buses to school because I didn't live far from my school so it was an easy walk. Problem was I left my house around the time I needed to get to a bus so I can catch it, and when you get an asshole of a bus driver who doesn't stop even when you are literally beside the door [on a side note: I found out I can run up to 20 miles an hour if I really want to apparently. Crazy.] banging on it and the guy just continues on his way. Like really? He lives in the trailer park I live in too. I hope he gets fired some day or retires soon, I can't stand him. As for the worst transit day of my life, it also involved the guy who I hate. I was on my way to my girlfriend's place and I was at my bus stop this time. I waited and waited and eventually he showed up. I assumed he was late by this time because I stood there and he looked directly at me and almost went past me on purpose. I guess he grew a heart somewhere down the line and stopped but I knew he didn't want to. Way to do your job dil-hole. What would end that day of horrible transit? On my way home from my girlfriend's place, I stood in the blistering cold [temperature drop. Gotta love them.] and waited for my bus. A bus that was supposed to come in a half hour. Thirty minutes. A bus that never showed up. A bus I actually needed to come fast never shows up and I have to catch the next one a half hour after. So in all, I waited an hour. What made it worse? The bus driver drives right past me. Yes. She claims to not see me and just keeps going. Like I stood there in total awe. My mouth was dropped and I was shocked. She stopped eventually down the road where I had to run but its the principle of the matter. Fuck her.

I have so many more reasons to hate transit drivers. I've been almost to the bus at full running speed for it to take off. I've walked home from places and beat the bus there when I could have just waited but I am so impatient. Buses have been hours late, mere minutes early or they just don't care. I've almost been in an accident because the bus driver couldn't be bothered to fix his mistake in his route a safer way. Instead he decided to do a U-Turn right in the middle of the road, have an SUV forced to swerve and almost crash and he slams on the break having me smack my had head first in to one of the poles on the bus. I think there needs to be like a bus driver re-hab. They seem to really need it.

--Too Much Thought

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