Friday, February 18, 2011


So I've been pretty behind on my blog lately. So excuse me while I post two blogs today, both pertaining and to answering two days worth of questions. [I could count my blessings that I'm not a week behind!]


Question: Does anyone want to argue with my extra special vagina vote?
Answer: Nope.

So Monday as you all know was Valentines Day. Sadly, I had to work and so did the second half, so we kind of had to reschedule. But this made her a tad bit more happy because of three reasons.
  1. She got a little more time to shop for my present(s) before our Valentines Day.
  2. She didn't realize until yesterday that it was our official, to the day, 20 Months together.
  3. I knew and planned the entire day out to go along with her present I had planned to get her the day of. I'm a romantic I know.
For my Valentines she got me a few trinkets of chocolates and rocket candy hearts, as well as a stuffed teddy bear(s) that are hugging with the feet saying xoxo, all that surrounded the big present which are my ultra awesome new Batman versus Joker DC Universe Converse which are now my "special occasion" shoes; ie birthdays, christmas ect. And what did I do for her you ask? Easy.

It started off with a mere 3 Stem lillies on day one. The next day, I took her up to the mall for crepes [which were delicious by the way. I never knew cheese, ham and mayonaise inside a crepe would be so good!] and some frozen yougurt. [New flavour by the way and a possible favourite; Strawberry Cheesecake. Yum!] After that, we had walked around and ended up at a few stores but only bought a few things and they happened to be for me. [Honestly, I wasn't going to buy a thing for myself but I have this serious hat addicition that she convinced me to feed.] After frozen yougurt, we continued on to the bus stop and made our way to the train station and took a sardine-like packed train all the way to our destination at Chinook Mall. Here, I took out money for the dinner and movie later [just to be safe] and brought her to the unknowingly what was her present at Build-a-Bear where we waltzed around for almost an hour picking out which animal she wanted, how much stuffing she needed, what to wear, name it and get it purchased. [It has a heartbeat by the way. As cool as that sounds its also very creepy.] She ended up with an awesome biker dog with sunglasses, a harley davidson jacket and converse named Ryder. [With a "Y".] She happily pranced that thing all around the mall while we wondered around for the next hour before we went to dinner because our movie didn't start for like another 3 while we were up there. [And again, she found out some way to get me to buy two more hats. I felt so bad, but she assures me shes alright with it.] We bought two little Family Guy trinkets, one being the evil monkey and the other being Brian and headed our way to find a restaurant. [I wanted Moxies but looks like Chinook got rid of theres!] We found Joey Tomatos and I found out how delicious it actually was. [Lobster ravioli. Yum!] From there we went to see No Strings Attached. By far one of the funniest movies so far this year next to the Green Hornet and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings. I suggest you see both of those movies, immediately. [A bonus being that No Strings Attached is actually not in 3D. Finally.]

On a side note. We stopped by and found a way to hide Kernels popped popcorn in to the movie theater. By far the best move of the evening.

-- Too Much Thought

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