Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I was a kid, just like every kid my age, I watched Recess. If you didn't, you were probably a hermit who had no life at all. Like these two guys I know. Due to their religion, for some odd reason, they're living in North America yet they can't do anything that comes with the North American Culture. That includes listening to pop culture music, watch pop culture television and engage in pop culture activity. Literally. They woke up, got dressed, went to school, went home, did homework, went to bed. I guess I shouldn't make fun but come on. If you're household is run as a dictatorship in the heart of Canada, then why bother moving here? Stay back in your country and beat your kids if they get out of line. Not to be racial here, but come on. Keep your culture, that's cool. We accept that. What we don't approve of [but for some reason accept] is not engaging in or accepting OUR culture. Mind my language but Bull. Shit. Anyways, thats not part of my story. That's just my rant for the day. Moving on.

Recess. Every kid watched this show and if people are raising their children properly now a days, they'll be watching it still. I kind of doubt with the way today's society is going, they'll find something wrong with Mikey being over-weight and blame the obesity level of today's children on him, or find something racist with fact that Vince was the only bla... I mean, African American on that show. But anyways, as a kid I watched the show. And like every kid, they always watch a show and practically idolize the characters and hope one day to be like them. I can put money, almost more than 50% of the children born from 1987 to 1992 all wanted to be like T.J. Detweiler. He was the leader. The coolest guy there was. Nobody hated him and nobody could find a reason to hate him. Even Finster loved the kid. But that wasn't me. Although, today and even back then I ended up being the Mikey of group [not really fat, but rather large and mushy. I'm so lame.] I always wanted to be Vince. Not because he was cool or anything, but I always really wanted to be athletic and just plain awesome.

And now. Now I'm on my way to achieving that goal... sort of. I mean, I won't be the most athletic, and I won't be joining any sports teams due to the fact that I'm graduated so progession in my athletic ability has to be put to a stop. But I do really want to be in shape. I've already talked about that part of my goal but now I've actually gone and started my road to achieving my goal. Today, I joined a gym. Of course, I have to thank my girlfriend for pushing me to go to the gym and then I have to thank my sister who offered to pay for my sessions until I can find stability financially. I just really wanted to tell people. And I can't wait to go tomorrow after work. I guess thats another thing I can be happy about. My work also called, and I haven't mentioned it but I don't have hours at my work that they can give me so I've been unemployed. As of tomorrow, not anymore. But thats just a side note.

--Too Much Thought
[PS. I monetized my blog. Now, legally I'm not allowed to tell people to click them or bring much attention to the fact of what I'm doing with my blog, but I'm not pointing anywhere. They're right there in front of your eyes. If you're blind, what the hell are you doing on the internet? What a terrific looking question. But seriously, I won't tell you to click any AD that's there, but in all honesty, if you see something you do like, the AD is there and all it is is one click away. But remember, no pressure.]

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