Friday, February 18, 2011


5 Things That I Like;


Question: Are you tired?
Answer: I'm always tired. I sleep like twelve hours a day. As much as I hate wasting my life away sleeping, I enjoy every morsel of sleep I get.

I guess I should read blogs more often eh? Craving The Cupcakes tagged me in a post and i never realized it! Here is the five things I like.

You can't tell me thats not the cutest little fucker ever? I can't wait to own of these myself! I hear they're pretty expensive. Lets hope Kiji or the SPCA has one I can own and love some day!

I love pigs as well! How do you not want one of these things either?! I have a plan for this in the near future. Pug named Piggles. A husky [God knows what the woman will name it!] and then a pig named Puggles! Cute? I know.

My favourite dessert on this planet is the cheesecake! [The next in line is Craving The Cupcakes s'more brownie that she has yet to make me again! Get on it Angela!]

Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men?

Two and a Half Men is like one of my favourite television shows. I watch it everytime its on, regardless if I've seen it or not. Jake, Allan and Charlie get me everytime!

Last but not least...

My hat addiciton! I hate it because its such an expensive habit, but I love it due to the fact that I love and wear every hat I own. No hat gets left behind!

 And here is where I'm supposed to tag 5 random people I'm assuming. I'll edit and tag people as well as notify them later.

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  1. Ha, I really do need to make you those S'mores brownies. First...I need to find the recipe. It disappeared from my collection.