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Question: If you could fuck a cartoon chick, which one would you pick?
Answer: Well thank you Asher Paul Roth for your intriguing songs and hilarious questions. Actually this one was from a song called "Cartoon Chick" which, even if its funny and meant to be taken light heartedly, its actually a good song in the end. I ended up going to bed last night around two in the morning and before then I heard this song and alas, this question which would be the first question of the day and so far, my favourite question to answer.

Cartoons are apart of our rich history as children. I mean, sure England and France and all of Europe back in the middle ages as well as the not so sovereign reign of North America and a rapidly growing Asia lacked these "talking pictures" from the "magic picture box" but any kid with a television set back when I was growing up watched an endless ammount of cartoons it was almost unhealthy. I sure know I did. I can list too many it should almost be illegal but a few of my favourites from back in the day would have to be Bonkers, Arthur, Goof Troop, Care Bears and [of course] Recess. I mean, I love Goof Troop and Goofy's hilarious antics, Pete's stupid "get rich quick" schemes and of course Max the awesome one and his pudgey little friend PJ, Max's best friend and son of Pete. Recess was and almost still is something I watch every day though when I get the chance. I can't get over how clever six fourth graders could be [regardless of it being a farce or fictional] it blew my mind. I don't even think 90% of the awesome and amazing cartoons I used to watch are on television anymore. I guess I'll have to do some hunting around when I'm looking for those game systems for some seasons or episodes of my favourite cartoons.

It bothers me sure that kids now a days can't learn half of what I learned [and I don't care what parents or adults say about the matter. Cartoons had the ability to teach kids, especially something like Recess. It doesn't help cause mischeif, but rather helps people aspire to be something. The most brainy, the most courageous, self-reliant, soulful or toughest S.O.B out there.] and that bothers me because then I can't relate. One day I'll come across a child or have a child of my own and when life has them down, I'll try to relate to them with my favourite episode of the Weekenders and they won't even have a clue.

But thats where I appreciate the things I used to have and I don't think I ever took for granted of. The other week I was on the phone with my friend and he heard my music in the back ground. All he could say was "you really like you're old music huh?" Turns out Stand Up by Ludacris was playing. And I couldn't help but smile because you know what? I do love my old music. Sure its not classical old or old from the KISS or ACDC era but hey, anything a decade old now a days is classified as old. And it makes me miss the days when something like that was cool. It makes me miss the days of elementary and middle school when life was at my finger tips and I could make anything I wanted of myself. I miss making new friends and just hanging out, when birthday parties meant ice cream cake, pop and chips, running around the Rec Center and having a blast doing it, not drunken whore rave where chicks get drunk and play "rainbow" on a guys dick while hes waiting to use the restroom. [If you don't know what rainbow is, it involves a multitude of different colors of lipstick and a guys penis. You put the rest together.] It makes me miss it and it makes me fear for the future. I mean, drunken whore fests are the in thing now. What happens in another twenty years when I have children and they're going to birthday parties? I shutter the thought.

Anyways, if I could fuck a cartoon chick, it would definitley have to be good ol' Betty Cooper. She was the biggest babe there. Veronica was a giant slut and proved it by waving her money around like Paris Hilton. [I was actually going to say Midge but if Big Moose ever got around to reading my blog... I can't finish that sentence.]

--Too Much Thought
[PS. I haven't gotten around to it yet but late is better than never right? I have two more followers to this blog. One goes by the name of M4R14N0 and the other by Bothered. I want to thank them for checking this out and I hope everyone enjoys what I put out. Don't be afraid to drop a comment or a message. I don't bite. Or I try not to. Catch you later.]

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