Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Question: Were you late at all?
Answer: Yes, I was late and went home and never told you. Are you crazy? I'm at work mother, I don't need to tell you everything in my life do I?


Question: Are you done yet?
Answer: One more game.


Question: Are you still at my place?
Answer: Yes, yes I am. Well... not anymore. But I was. I assure you. Holy shit, ten more days and then I won't "have" to blog everyday! But I shall keep you guys updated, don't worry about that. Still tweeting like everyday. So thats better than nothing.

Now for those of you who know me, I am an avid meat eater. Lately, I've been going to the gym to work off that extra poundage and gain some extra muscle, rather than being skinny and fat filled. But all of my life, regardless of being in shape or not, I've always heard how unhealthy meat is. I've always heard how I need to eat salads, fruits and vegetables and all that good stuff. No fatty foods, or sugar or this or that. Of course, some of this is true and I know it. I do eat salad when I feel the need and [regardless to popular belief] I do love fruits. Watermelon, grapes, strawberries, bananas, kiwis. All of them. Maybe a little bit of sugar, but if not they're still good! And of course, I still hear the end of everything because my family doesn't believe I attempt to eat healthily. 

Now this could be done for a variety of reasons. I used to have a small addiction to soda. I never really touched the fruit as a child in our fridge thus they usually always went bad. [Except those little Christmas Tangerines. I love those!] Or maybe its cause I can eat a pound of bacon in one sitting. I don't know, I'm not a doctor. But seriously. The whole bacon situation isn't healthy and I know that, but its not as if I eat bacon everyday and its not as if I eat it so often, a pound is bad for me. I only eat the pound of bacon at my sister's place and thats only usually when I sleep over there and she buys it for me to make for myself for breakfast. Its not a healthy habit, but its still like... a small treat for myself! And we're all allowed to have our small treats aren't we? Our guilty pleasures? The things that go straight to our thighs and yet we don't care because we love it so much! So there is no judging me. Well... okay you can judge a little. I'm pretty sure a chocolate peanut butter cupcake isn't as bad as a pound of bacon. But the category that they're in, you can't judge on those basis. Moving on.

I'm a meat-a-tarian. I love meat and I hate hearing about how bad it is for me. Now this isn't exactly always personal people in my life telling me how bad it is, but theres always those damned vegetarians somewhere, telling me how bad meat is, how you get nothing essential from it, how it hurts the animals and you should just eat greens and be a good boy and girl! The only problem is, you get tons of nutrients and vitamins from meat [I know you get more bad stuff from that pound of bacon but hey, I can't help it!] and without domesticating and slaughtering animals, they would be over-populated and quite frankly, eat each other. So if they are going to use their tribal instincts to eat each other, why can't we, and use more than primal intellegence to do it? its cheating the animal kingdom sure, but thats why we're on top!

So next time you come up to me, telling me how I should live my life, change my eating habits and all that jazz, I'm going to remind you how good meat tastes and how horrible your iron and vitamin pills taste and we'll see who wins the arguement because in the end, both of those things are doing the same thing, one is just more enjoyable than the other. I'll take that hamburger now please, and please, skip the salad.

--Too Much Thought

[PS. To those who lack the knowledge of the above photo, its something called an Animal Burger only at your local A&W. Check it out sometime!]

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  1. Indeed!

    Ate an animal burger once, circa 1987. They still sell them, hey? I think they were something like $9 back then. Which is the equivalent to about nine and a half gazillion dollars to you young kids. Inflation, y'know.