Sunday, March 6, 2011



Question: Did you face-time Aaron yet?
Answer: Asshole didn't answer the first three times I called him. Something about getting busted by the police for drifting. I miss that kid.


Question: What should I do?
Answer: Cut them a sizeable piece of pie and let them share it.


Question: Did you still want to watch a movie?
Answer: The kid is up and my movie choice is inappropriate. Dammit!

You'd think with the picture above, Associated Cab right here in Calgary would be simple to get right? WRONG. A couple days ago, the girlfriend and I had decided we were going to make dinner but lo' and behold we lacked the certain ingredients. So we headed off to Safeway in the blistering cold to go get them, luckily it was only down the hill. The problem was, we were both so cold we didn't want to walk back up that hill so after our shopping adventure we decided we were going to take a cab home. 

Now here in Calgary, Associated has one rights to all certain stops when it comes down to the cab companies waiting. I mean, we as citizens and entrepeneurs who feel the need to pursue the dream in cabbing have the right to call or own a cab stand, but when it comes to waiting for fares at the Airport or Bus stations or grocery stores with "Curtosey Phones", Associated won legal rights all over Calgary, unless of course, requested by a partant otherwise. Now why would they win? You would think in this legal battle, something along the lines of "higher technology" in their cars and a "higher request rate" and "fast cab times" would have come up right? Well atleast, I thought so. And again, you would be wrong. Every Associated Cab I have ever taken never has the "Interac" technology, anytime I call, I get them BEFORE I ever get a cab company I actually want, and yet on this particular night, their "second in line" gets to wait an entire hour before they get a cab!

Now I guess I can't complain. In the end, I can continue to prove my favourite cab company Yellow Checker Cab is the much superior company, regardless of how long it takes to get connected to their service. When they say fifteen minutes, you get it in fifteen minutes UNLESS of course wait times are long. Why would they be long? Superiorty is key isn't it? Exactly. As much as I hate Associated, I'm glad they have the rights to certain places in the city. Why? That means I never have to call them because I know I'm not high on their priority list since I'm not at a bus station or airport. Know who does care? Yellow Checker Cab. But please, don't call them. I need to get a way some how and since I don't drive, I don't need you people taking up my wait time!

--Too Much Thought

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  1. How about the time I called Associated for you guys, and they told me I didn't even know my own address? I argued with the guy on the phone forever! It's not the only time that's happened either. Stephen and I took an Associated cab home from Superstore, and when the driver asked for directions, he would ask (every single time)"Are you sure I'm supposed to turn here?" Um, YES! It's my house and I know how to get home.
    Cabs make me crazy.