Thursday, May 5, 2011


I just don't give a fuck. Okay well, actually I'm starting to. I bet Eminem doesn't even after all these years with multi-platinum records but when your favourite artist stands there and gives and gives and never gets anything but criticism?

I guess that has no real context unless I explain it first. Every now and again on my free time, I look up a lot of stuff on YouTube. Some times it makes my day and other times it makes me real nostalgic which is always nice. I'll watch stupid animal videos of them being cute, old wrestling clips from long ago but my 'recommended for you' there tends to be a lot of Eminem, concerts, music videos and so on. Now as much as I enjoy the videos, the comments start to get really annoying as of late due to his recent album 'Recovery.' And those are just YouTube comments from random people I have no interest in talking to. There are also a lot of my Facebook friends who like to get in on the action and be one of those hipster kids who always say the same things. Either 'I knew them before they were mainstream.' OR 'Now that they're mainstream, I no longer like them.' Of course, these sayings can be and will be said differently as to not seem to be going with the crowd, and so that you won't think too hard and look at them like a total moron but if you give it even a moment of thought, it all boils down to one of those sayings and they are all morons for having that remote opinion. I mean, every opinion counts. But if you're a hipster full of douchebagetry, just shut up and stop talking. You're one person in the universe nobody has any interest in talking to.

Now what is mainstream? Apparently its being a pop-sensation. So if you go on a track with the likes of Drake, Lil' Wayne, or Kanye West you're not worth listening to anymore. Does anybody understand how much that bothers me? I can't stand Lil' Wayne but thats for my own personal reasons. Just because Eminem goes on track with him doesn't mean I can't stand Eminem anymore. Just because he raps with another terrible rapper, shouldn't hurt anybody's opinion of him. But does it? Again, stupidly it does and those people it bothers should never be allowed to have a stupid opinion like that. Eminem is still the greatest rapper out there and can kill it any day of the week, on or off drugs and I have no idea why people can't get past that. Oh right, they're hipsters for that exact reason. Fucking amateurs.

Now there is only one real reason I will ever discredit an artist. Her name [so far] is Avril Lavigne. From punk-rock to bubblegum pop now that is a substanial jump. Thats something to hate on her about and I will only allow an opinon to change about a certain artist. If she made a rap-core song with Lil' Wayne and she sounds exactly like she did before? I wouldn't hate her for it at all. So to all the haters I ask for one thing; reasoning. What makes Eminem worse than before? Getting over the fact that Eminem and Lil' Wayne did a track together and Eminem is... "mainstream" what makes him not as a good? His rhymes still flow the same. He's still hilarious [when he wants to be]. I see nothing wrong besides the fact that people can't get over the fact he did a few songs with a few artists people can't stand. And I have to say, if thats your only argument, you really are more stupid than you think.

--Too Much Thought

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