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So I follow a blog called well.. Things 90s Kids Realize. You can also follow them here. Now, personally when I look in to some things, I find that this blog writer is misinformed when it comes to behind the scenes sometimes [mainly for cartoons. I would like to point out I commented on his Realization # 76 about being wrong and that Christine Cavanaugh did not voice Chuckie Finster of Rugrats but our loveable Nancy Cartwright, who voices well known Bart Simpson, did with followed up proof, right here at IMDB and my comment was never accepted. I guess some people can't stand to be wrong.], but I accept it and move on. [I never read it for more than the nostalgia phase. I have a greater range of knowledge on some things than the writer does and probably could stomp them to the ground with a more accurate opinion, but I'll bite my tongue and let them have their fun in the sun.] I just read a more recent post from him about song writer, singer and producer Mike Posner was apparently a 90s Kid himself and did a questionaire. [Read his questionaire here.] After I read it, I kind of wanted to do the questionaire myself. So below are my answers. If you yourself are a 90's Kid, feel free to do the questionaire yourself! I'm looking at you Craving Cupcakes and Playpen!
QUESTIONS:What animated 90s character would you like to chill with?: Most definitley Beavis and Butthead. Those guys know how to party. Nyha.
What is your proudest video game accomplishment?: I've been over this before and I'll say it again. Zombies Ate My Neighbours was a fantastic game. But I'm gonna be honest, Mortal Kombat is a game and will always be a game no little kid in this day and age will ever have the chance of battling me at. Button mash all you want. You will never beat the block, block, duck, upper-cut technique.
What 90s show or cartoon would people be surprised to know that you watched?: At this rate, nothing will surprise anybody. But Boy Meets World all day long. That show raised me. But if you want to know something I watched religiously, Care Bears and Sailor Moon. 
Who is the sexiest female cartoon character and why?: Sailor Moon. Quite frankly, she was tough, she wore that sexy little skirt and well, the perverted little boy in me says you could see up that skirt. Disgusting? Yeah, but I dare you to find a little boy at anytime that, regardless if they're cartoon or real, who isn't secretley turned on by any shot of underwear, and brag to their friends that they saw it? Exactly. 
Who is your childhood crush?: Childhood crush? I had many childhood crushes in my life but if we're talking about people we knew, my sister's friend Kendra. She had what my sister likes to call now-a-days "Bodacious Tah-Tahs". How can one resist? Celebrity crush? Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Nuff' said.
What 90s videogame has robbed you of the most hours of your life?: Too many of them thats for sure. But like Mike Posner, I played A LOT of NBA Jam. Granted, my cousin destroyed me at that. He remembered all his codes to reload his old profile. He got far in that game. If it wasn't NBA Jam, then Mario World 3 takes the cake.
What is your favorite 90s sports moment?: I'm going to be honest, sports was never my ideal television program. But something I lived through was Floor Hockey back in the day. My friend's dad was trying to teach me a proper slap shot and I whacked him in the face with my stick. He laughed and told me I had a great shot. That was probably my favourite sports moment.
Which 90s one-hit wonders can be found on your iPod?: Every Eminem song you can think of. I don't have my iPod on me so past that I couldn't tell you.
What 90s cartoon character is most like Dynamite White and why? Chuckie Finster. Hermit like, paranoid. Always going along with the plan even if it gets him in trouble.
How did you handle Mufasa’s death? Think of my life like Pheobe from friends. She got sheltered from Ol'Yeller because the ending was so sad. I was never sheltered from the death, I just acted like it wasn't there.
What was your signature cereal and cartoon on Saturday mornings?: Alphabets and Doug. Perfect combination. Mix in some Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles and maybe Arthur always made me say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day!
When was the last time you felt nostalgic?: Every day of my life. When I'm not working or passed out at my friend's or girlfriend's, I'm always forever watching television and I realize there is never anything good on. 90's had a knack for something always being on.
FAVORITES:90s Cartoon: Rugrats
90s TV Show: Boy Meets World & Even Stevens90s Game Show: Uh Oh!...or [and this is before my time] Family Feud.
90s Movie: Angels in the Outfield
90s Musician: Sum 41 & Simple Plan
90s Song: I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan & Fat Lip - Sum 41
90s Toy: Wrestling action figures... or those little green army men. Y'know, like the ones in Toy Story
90s Shoes or Clothing: I always wore and still wear Zellers Request stuff. Oh, and Tommy Hilfiger.
90s Book: Any and all Goose Bumps books.
Patty Mayonnaise or Topanga Lawrence?
Topanga Lawrence. Who ever didn't like her, you're a terrible person.
X-Men or Ninja Turtles? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [Turtles in a half shell.] I always had one shell of a time!
Batman or Spiderman? Both. Spiderman had super-powers and stuff, but Batman had a utility belt! Batman in the end was more realistic when it came to saving the day but both great super-hereos none the less.
Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis? Super Nintendo. Hands down. Fuck off Mike Posner.
WWF or WCW? Now we're getting in to something. WWF in something called the "Attitude Era" is really a hands down win. But, and this is a fact, WCW influenced the Attitude Era so for that, WCW wins in my books.
Goosebumps or Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? I have never heard of this. If they're talking about Freaky Stories, or Are You Afraid of the Dark then they are both great shows. But [and I totally just googled this] when it comes to the books, I can only choose Goosebumps. I guess I'm going to have to pick up a couple of these books.
Fruit Gushers, Fruit By The Foot or Fruit Roll-ups? Fruit Gushers. My sister buys these for her kid all the time. And fruit by the foot. I always eat the Gushers. Especially the blue ones. They're totally the best. I guess I'm going to have to pick up a box.
Better leader: Tommy Pickles or TJ Detweiler? Now TJ was great. But come on, Tommy had so much influence on his group. Gus was another Chuckie, but the problem is, Gus would barely do half the things. He would chicken out, have some sort of ephinany, but that wouldn't always give him more will power. Chuckie always cried about Tommy's plans but would stand by him. Thats what a true leader his. A man who, even though he has a stupid plan, can still have a team to back him up.
Biggest bitch: Angelica Pickles or Helga Pataki? Angelica Pickles.  Sure Helga was a bitch, but she had a crush on Arnold. Angelica in the end got a lump of coal in her dream house if you don't remember. That has to scream biggest bitch in the world.

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