Monday, January 31, 2011


"Way to go dick in a box. Now go and put a shirt on you flying frisbee fuck!" - Izel on driving while people run in to the road to recieve a flying disc in which one guy missed because the other guy can't throw. Morons.

I suppose I should keep this thing up to day huh? Considering its been three and a half months, I've probably thought of endless amounts of things I could have used and never did. Endless amounts of things I did and never told. So much for documenting my life. Oh well. It's a new year. I'm guessing you're thinking "fresh start" too? Yeah that's what I thought. And a new year should add up to countless possibilities. Like my new found love of partying... and I guess writing too since I've had the urge to do that for like a million years, but I'm a procrastinator. Take that world.

But seriously. My New Years Resolution for any of you that care is to get in shape. Same ol' same ol'. Many people follow through with it, many people don't. I on the other hand, plan on getting, and I repeat, in shape. I don't need to lose weight, which is what many people assume is wrong when you say those two words. No see, I'm skinny as a rail. Some people are jealous, others just like to point it out whenever I decide to take my shirt off or something. But I'm skinny is the point. The point I'm making about getting in shape is as followed;
  • Losing fat.
  • Gaining muscle.
  • Better cardio system.
See. Not losing weight. Weight would mean I would go from my 170 to about 140, if I train right, stop eating junk, and excersize. Getting in shape, means I drop my weight in fat, gain my weight in muscle, and hope to have better cardio for sports and concerts and such. I can't become a famous rapper or artist if I don't have the lung capacity to rap, or the stanima to stand on stage for two hours at a night. I'd end up like Eminem, only doing random shows. Not that hes not in shape or anything, he's just not on tour. But without cardio, I could never go on tour. Catch my drift? Plus I guess my new found love of partying wouldn't go very far either. Its almost a law [and I mean like gravity where it just is, not a law that is broken and you can go to prison for] that fat people, plainly can't mosh. Well I shouldn't say fat. I should say out of shape. Which is me. For now anyways.

--Too Much Thought

[PS. On a side note, check me out on Twitter. I'd say Facebook but I'm not going that far so Twitter is fine for now. I guess I'll start updating that as well. DynamiteWhite. <--- That's it. I'll probably make a formspring and tumblr sometime out of the ordinary. For now, this is as close as you get.]

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